The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep16 – Detour

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 16
Title: Detour
Original Air Date: March 12, 2019

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Synopsis: In the war room, they video call Craig for a meeting. They tell him about the rusty colored water that slow dripped into Smith’s Cove. That water tested positive or the dye. The crane pad is a concern. It’s likely built over where the box drains converge into one. They decide to move forward with removing the crane pad to excavate the area under it. Multiple structures already found, including the U shaped structure and even cement are discussed. Gary is metal detecting in the Cove. He finds something iron. It looks like a spear. Laird is very intrigued and Gary is excited to find more. At the money pit, they meet with the team handling the drilling and discuss H8. Due to the collapse, they are forced to halt work on H8 in the money pit area. They do select another location away from H8 to do some more drilling in. Back in the war room, the COGS data is shown to their diver Tony. They show him several points they want him to dive on and investigate. He’s asked to measure and give as many details as possible. Jack and Marty’s son, Alex, are also certified divers so they will dive with him. They are out on the water now checking the first point. Jack is also suited up but not diving. He’s ready to go in an assist if something goes wrong. Rick and Marty and other team members are meeting with a surveyor. They are hoping that he can sift through years of maps and help them pinpoint shaft 6. He can try and pinpoint exact locations and depths of shafts. Rick wants to pinpoint specific tunnels so that they can pinpoint where shaft 6 is. At the dive, they find the first point. It’s covered in kelp, but it looks like rocks. The rock formation does point in the direction of the money pit. Now they dive on the second spot to check for an anchor under water. The pair finds what they were looking for, but its just a couple of rocks covered in kelp. Craig and Marty pop into the Cove. The entire slipway is exposed. It’s all wood and very old. Gary gets another hit with the detector. It looks like it’s a very large hinge. They take the spike that Gary found to an expert. He says it’s a crib spike you’d see in old wharfs and dates it 1650 to 1800. They then show him the hinge. He calls it a hinge for a very, very thick door. It’s more robust than would be used for a house. He dates it early 1600s. They all meet at the pub and Marty updates everyone to the results of the items found at Smith’s Cove.

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