The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep15 – Dye Harder

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 15
Title: Dye Harder
Original Air Date: March 5, 2019

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Synopsis: The money pit is top priority and figuring out the damage caused by the sink hole. Everyone meets who’s running cranes and the digs. They need to evaluate the ground and what’s going on. They don’t want life or equipment lost. Another concern is that there could be a cave in. The decision is to shake the casing. It should shake loose ground and get it to sink and build up and then they can fill it in. They immediately go out and do the casing shaking. Material starts falling in quite quickly. The focus moves back to Smith’s Cove and all the discoveries they have made. They have also possibly found one of the box drains and this is the most exciting finds. They work on clearing out dirt to try and find where the box drains converge. Marty is doing the digging. The geologist also points out another area he’d like to see dug up. Gary joins them to detect through what’s most recently been dug up. He gets a hit. It’s a big metal bucket. Back in the war room they are going to do another dye test. This time it’s a bright red so it can easily be seen. Marty and company head off to see the results of the water scanning that was done a few weeks ago. A pair of what look like vents are off the south shore. There are also a lot of triangles, which are points of interest. There are a lot of interesting things, many which the team will investigate. It’s now the day of the dye test. The money pit has been reinforced and the dye will be put in C1. They set up the water pumps and prepare to do the test. Monitors are set up all around the island to see where the dye comes out. They also have three high definition drones. The pumps are connected, and they start them up. But the hose starts rolling and its twists up pretty quickly. Marty runs towards the pump screaming to turn if off before something breaks. They take off the hose and untwist it before reconnecting it. They restart the pump and the water flows. They start adding the dye to the water. It’s super red. Now it’s a waiting game to see where dye shows up. As they are waiting on the dye to appear Dan Blankenship drives up. Over in Smith’s Cove Gary gets excited, he’s got dye. Everyone is excited but Marty. He thinks it’s just rust colored. They take several samples to test to confirm if it is the dye coming out of the suspected box drain in Smith’s Cove. Jack takes the samples to the research center to be tested for the dye. Sample one is positive for the dye. Jack calls Rick down. Rick enters and finds them both smiling. The water coming from under the crane pad was connected to the money pit. They test the sample again in Rick’s presence and the number comes back higher.

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