The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep14 – Voyage to the Bottom of the Cenote

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 14
Title: Voyage to the Bottom of the Cenote
Original Air Date: February 26, 2019

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Synopsis: We begin in Smith’s Cove. Marty is completely confounded by all the structures that they have uncovered. The possible remains of one box drain being found is one of the best discoveries. They hope to find the convergence point. The place where all five drains meet to send water to the money pit. Craig and Jack go to the marina. They are meeting with a team at the marina to do a survey of the water around Oak Island. There will be a lidar scan and a side scan sonar. They should be able to map the sides of the island all the way around and the ground below water all around the island as well. They will focus on the coastal area. They find a depression on the south side. It’s the same area where Dan found the ice holes. The scans are all very different. Something that appears to be an anchor is found on the scans. Rick has a small meeting in the war room with the historians and Gary and Jack regarding items found in H8. They video chat with Dr. Brosseau from St. Mary’s. She has done all the metal analysis so far. Sample 15 is iron that is rich in sulfur, which likely makes it metal slag. Sample 13 is plant material and could just be tree bark. Sample 19 is also a plant based material, also likely a piece of tree bark. Sample 17 is cellulose based and all organic, likely parchment made of rag paper. Sample 18 is contaminated paper and is pre-1890. Back at H8, the most recent spoils are examined. A piece of pottery is found. Once cleaned up its white with blue. Dan Henske finds some clean lumber that he deems to be searcher related. Jack finds something that looks organic. Gary gets excited when he finds an old square nail. It’s not the same kind of spike they have been finding. On a ship it would be a decking nail. It’s the first time they have found this specific nail on the island. Alex and Doug go to Halifax to have the paper examined by an expert. He thinks that if it is buried underground it’s protected from a lot of environmental factors that would normally degrade it much faster. He and his assistant soak both pieces in water. The darker piece is determined to be folded and possibly glued. He thinks it is an older paper. It could possibly be wool paper and date back to the 1700s. The second small and whitish piece has a line on it under magnification. He recommends a microscope with magnification and a camera. The next day back in the money pit. The spoils that continue to be pulled from H8 are still being carefully examined. Suddenly, the oscillator machine drops. The people operating it are quite freaked out. The hole is beginning to cave in. It’s about 18” deep all the way around the shaft. The face that the area has been dug up so much has turned the ground into swiss cheese as a result the entire area is not stable. Rick and Craig begin to worry that this might get worse and bring all digging in the money pit to the hall. Marty and Dave meet with the paper expert again. This time the paper samples will be analyzed under a microscope in a lab. They start with the black paper at 40x magnification. You can see the red in it. At 100x magnification it looks very different. It could be an ink called cinnabon, it’s a read ink used on religious and important manuscripts. He thinks 1300s to 1600s for the date of the paper. Back at the money pit, the drilling team is still analyzing the cave in. Irving brought in some engineers to analyze it. They have to stop the oscillating but they can continue to hammer grab for the time being. That night, Rick gets an urgent call from Charles Barkhouse. The cave in that started earlier that day has grown much bigger and continues to grow. You can actually hear the ground rumble and grumble. Rick puts on a harness and goes in to take a look. But the ground actually starts to shake and you can hear it loudly while he’s at the edge of the hole. He gets back as quickly as he can safely do so. The next day is a bit stress filled as they go back to the money pit to see if it’s worse than the previous night. Rick tells Marty that last night it was about 6 feet. He and everyone there moved all the heavy equipment back to make sure nothing collapsed. It’s 8 feet by 11 feet. The worry now is the area has destabilized and they won’t be able to bring the 220 ton crane back in. Marty states the truth, the entire money pit area could collapse at any time. An engineer is going to come back out and take a look at the area.

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