The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep13 – The Paper Chase

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 13
Title: The Paper Chase
Original Air Date: February 12, 2019

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Synopsis: In Smith’s Cove the dig continues. They have discovered a wall of concrete. Gary metal detects it and doesn’t get any hits. Rick is yet again surprised by this find. Smith Cove has thrown him another curve ball. Laird finds two plug pipes and states they are not lead. Dan Henske comes to look at it as well. He’s never heard of any searchers doing this. That afternoon, from the war room, they video call Marty and Craig to update them on what they found. Marty asks Dave Blankenship what he knows about pipes in concrete because he has the most construction experience. The slipway and its construction is also discussed. Gary thinks that the slipway is original. They plan to dig under it. Rick and Dave head to Dan’s house to ask for his help with another puzzle. Rick draws him a map of what they’ve found with the U shape structure and the L shaped structure. Then they show Dan the picture of the concrete wall. He confirms that it had to be done before 1950. He says there were searchers before him and a lot of work was done in Smith’s Cove. He is not sure if it is original or searcher made. Dan is shocked to learn that there are no nails on the slipway. He’s said there have been nails around for a long time. The next day Marty and Craig are back. Everyone meets up at the money pit site. The can was pulled up a bit and they’ve been hammer grabbing to clear it out. The can is being worked up and down about 5 feet in each direction. After it’s worked a bit they request a hammer grab. A lot of wood comes up. Craig thinks it could be from the Chappell Vault. This load is put on the wash sieve and Jack washes it. He and Charlies start going through it all. Jack might have found some parchment. He takes it over to Rick to show him. He’s hopeful it’s parchment or leather. Jack goes through another batch of spoils with Gary and Dan Henske. Craig and Jack take some items to the research center to examine under a microscope. The first sample they look at they think it’s leather. The second sample is examined and they think it’s parchment with two different colors of ink or some kind of degradation that has altered the color. They next day they are at the money pit again. Randall Sullivan comes to the island to see the team. He has also written a book about Oak Island and has brought them copies. The very first copies and he’s autographed them as well. He tells them about the stories of the people that have lived and searched the island that he’s included as well. He believes something was done and it was done on a large scale and took a lot of people to complete. He also talks about Sir Francis Bacon and his thoughts on teaching people with a treasure hunt. Rick asks him if he had one swing where does he look? He tells them he’d look for an entrance that is now under water. Could there be an entrance in Smith’s Cove? He also thinks there’s another flood tunnel system on the south shore. He’s looking forward to updating the book in the future when Rick and Marty succeed. Rick, Marty and Craig head back to the money pit. They get an update that there’s now 24 feet of plug in the shaft. Originally, there was only 8 feet. Jack finds another item in the spoils. Dan Henske finds what he thinks is a bone. Rick and Craig check on the spoils process. They show them the piece that is suspected as a bone. It will be sent off for testing.

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