The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep12 – Slipway When Wet

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 12
Title: Slipway When Wet
Original Air Date: February 5, 2019

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Synopsis: It starts with a recap of the various structures found so far. It’s astounding. Then H8 is discussed. Marty feels H8 is the original money pit. The oscillator is now in place. They start to work on raising the can 8 feet. Back at Smith’s Cove the continue to dig up what is the slipway. Gary comes down with his metal detector. He checks the unburied slipway section. He does not get any metal hits. He does get one in proximity. It’s long and narrow, like an arrow. Laird has no idea what it is. They can only think it’s a tool or a weapon. That afternoon in the war room, they discuss the stone that could have runes on it. The video chat Dr. Lila Kopar. She is an expert in runology. She asks for close ups of the possible runes and of the entire stone so she can properly analyze it. They agree to send her what she needs. The next day at the money pit, they are informed that it’s been pulled up 8 feet. They decide to do a sonar scan, then they will hammer grab. The sonar has an interesting find. It appears to be a square corner at a right angle. However, while they are finding new information suddenly the video cuts out. They pull it up and its full of water. They can’t continue. Back in the war room, they video chat with the rune expert again. However, she gives them bad new, it’s not runes. It could be a script of some kind. She suggests it could be a gothic script or carved just for art. She could not pin it down any further. On Lot 16, Gary is metal detecting. He finds a coin or a token. He’s not sure which. He continues detecting. Rick gets a call from Laird who’s working in Smith’s Cove. They’ve found something new they want him to come and look at right away. When he gets there, Laird tells him and shows him a concrete wall. Rick is beyond shocked. Billy says, “This could only be more surprising if it was painted hot pink.” Rick comments that Dan would not have found that because it’s in about the same area where he built his coffer dam. So it would have been below him.

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