The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep11 – Wharfs and All

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 11
Title: Wharfs and All
Original Air Date: January 29, 2019

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Synopsis: The new find is being worked. Is it a structure or something else? In the war room, the large stone with what looks to be script gets results. They are able to see the scan images and the carvings look like they could be runic. It’s also mentioned it could be Norse. The next day, Gary is metal detecting the Cove. Laird and Terry are there too, cataloging and discussing whawt they have found and the game plan moving forward. Gary finds some curved lead. It was likely a bracelet. It’s in the same general area that Gary found the lead cross. That afternoon the team gathers in the war room to decide on how to move forward in the money pit. They focus on H8 for the time being. They plan to pull up the casion a bit to try and get whatever got pushed out of the way to fall back in. The ROC team is back on the island. They have brought the oscillator and other machinery and team members. They all walk over to H8 and discuss what happened last year. The plan is to hammer grab first and see if anything new is there. Then to pull it up about 8 feet and hammer grab some more. Alex and Paul head to Yarmouth to get a professional opinion from a museum about the stone with possible runes. They arrive and look at the rune stone that is there. The director and a curator meet with them. The stone they have has Norse runes. It has Leaf Eric or Eric the Red inscribed. Iriving arrives on the island with a newer and bigger crane. Marty is very convinced that H8 is the right area for the original money pit. Back in Smith’s Cove, Rick is excited because Laird has never seen anything like this in Nova Scotia. They continue to take off layers and try to figure out what is there. Suddenly, Laird tells Billy stop, there’s a new piece of timber that’s just been uncovered. It’s actually a series of beams or logs, they’re round. It could be a slipway of original build, or is it part of the wharf that Hedden built prior to a causeway being built. Back at the money pit, the oscillator is in place and they are ready to start. The measured to the bottom and its at 183 feet. It’s up higher then it was left. The hammer grabbing begins. First up comes a lot of clay.

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