The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep10 – Fingers Made of Stone

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 10
Title: Fingers Made of Stone
Original Air Date: January 22, 2019

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Synopsis: Laird is analyzing what’s been found in Smith’s Cove to day. The wood wall has now been uncovered. The researchers go to Chester Museum to check out their Oak Island collection. They hope to find some new information. A document they find from Hutton refers to a structure in Smith’s Cove. An article about the finger drains in Smiths Cove is also found. It’s never been discovered before and is very detailed, it includes measurements. A number of the team meet up at the pub to catch up on new discoveries. Doug tells everyone about the article and all the details and measurements it includes. What Marty and Laird measured, matches the measurements in the article. It still is not sure if it was made by searchers to stop the flow of water or if it’s original work. The next day, Craig meets with an expert in gryoscopology to determine if the small cores are straight or very off. This shift on the first hole is five feet off. Back at the Cove, they are draining water. As water goes down, Doug spots something that doesn’t look natural. It’s a triangle shaped opening in the rocks and there is water dripping out. Doug calls Rick to come down. In order to figure out what these unique stones are, they carefully start cleaning them up and off with water. Laird and Terry arrive as they are doing this. Both are clearly intrigued. Laird takes over troweling the formation. Charles checks something on the other side and he finds coconut fibers. Laird has dug out most of it at this point. He does not feel it’s natural. Laird starts excavating the top of it to see if it continues back toward the island. They continue with the mini bulldozer to remove dirt of the top to find out what it is. On another part of the island, Tori inform the team he found a strange rock. Several people head over to look. It has strange carvings that seem to be script-like. They take it to the research center and show Marty. He’s impressed and wants to find out what it is. They call the lidar experts back to scan the new stone. Back in the Cove, Rick takes over digging. He finds something new immediately. It is wood. It’s several wood boards.

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