The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep09 – As Above, So Below

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 9
Title: As Above, So Below
Original Air Date: January 15, 2019

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Synopsis: Digging in Smith’s Cove is well under way. A large beam is uncovered and it has roman numbers on it: XII. They have also found two others that are numbered. The geologist confirms that this material is not natural, it’s been placed there. They found blue clay, just like in the Money Pit. To Marty and Rick, the clay appears to have been used for waterproofing. As they uncover these timbers, they are not finding nails or any metal. They’ve been held together with notches in the wood. The U Shaped structured seems to be uncovered now. It’s possible they’ve uncovered the remains of a previously built coffer dam to build the box drains. The next day, Laird joins them in the cove. They start taking dimensions and location. Laird is taken aback by the size of the U shaped structure. Now that it’s measure and documented they prepare to continue digging it out. In the war room, the lidar experts have arrived to give them the results of the stone they think is the 90 foot stone. The letters are confirmed, but it’s actually an A not an N. They can’t see anything else with the lidar. More tests will be done. The next day another small core hole is drilled to try and pinpoint shaft 6 and the money pit. Jack and Gary meet with Tony Sansom. He’s dove for them in previous seasons. They speak with him about the star map and Apple Island. They got permission to go to Apple Island and Tony is taking them there. The whole island is 2 acres. They go in search of a boulder, and it is there. Travis was correct. They actually find quite a few very large boulders. They do some metal detecting and get hits on a lot of iron, but they can’t dig. Back at the money pit, a core comes up with some wood. Their excitement level rises. The large separator machine is in full use. Gary and Jack go through some of the spoils. Gary finds a coin, but it’s not a top pocket find, it’s a penny from 1963. Back in the Cove, the archaeologist and geologist are excavating. They find something new. The two call Marty. With more digging it is a wooden wall. It’s quite big. Jack thinks they might be approaching the French drains.

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