The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep08 – Unearthed

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 8
Title: Unearthed
Original Air Date: January 8, 2019

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Synopsis: Excavation in Smith’s Cove gets fully underway. Laird is with the brothers. He’s equally as excited about what could be found here. The wash plant is already up and running and sorting spoils. The next day, Laird meets up with several team members in the research center. They show him the stone. Laird suggests they try to 3d model the stone with lidar. Back at the money pit the search for tunnel/shaft 6 and the treasure vault continues. The core sample from a depth of 118 is now being analyzed. The find wood that is vertical. They have clipped the edge of it. At the research center two people arrive to do a digital scan of the stone. They set up the lidar machine on a tripod so its accurate. The scan collected 40.5 million points. The 3D image of the stone is very impressive. They will compile the results and report back. They head back to Lot 24 with the possible tunnel or shaft. A grid is laid out. Laird keeps pulling out artifacts. Marty thinks it’s related to Samuel Ball. It’s possible that this could be a cellar. The two continue to dig. Back at Smith’s Cove, Gary is now metal detecting as they go. He finds a hand forged spike. Gary starts shouting that he has a non-ferrous hit. It’s coin, that is possibly gold. It’s a top pocket find. They take the top pocket find to the research center for closer examination. In Smith’s Cove, a large piece of wood is discovered. The heavy machinery stops and rick goes down and works by hand. He uncovers a log and a large beam. The log has the roman number VII (7) carved into it. They get Billy in the digger to clean more dirt and debris off the area. It would appear they have uncovered part of the U shaped structure that Dan found decades ago. They find one of the two that Dan found, the marked 3 in Roman numerals. They also find the roman number 4 as well. Both of these were originally found by Dan Blankenship.

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