Criminal Minds S02, Ep13 – No Way Out

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 13
Title: No Way Out
Original Air Date: January 17, 2007

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Favorite Quotes:

* “Evil brings men together.” — Aristotle

* Reid: A psycho with a whistle, that’s not too weird.

* Frank: Beauty can cover a multitude of sins, but underneath we all look the same.

Synopsis: A desert in Nevada….there’s an arm that has been severed. Gideon and Morgan walk into a diner. Gideon sees who he is looking for and sits down with him. A strawberry shake is served. Frank talks names and introduces himself. Frank levels a threat at them. Outside, the diner is completely surrounded with police and FBI. Back at the BAU, they have linked Frank’s victims due to missing rib bones. Gideon comes in with a box of a lot more victims. He’s telling this to Frank. Now at the crime scene with the Sherriff is Gideon and Hotch looking at a part of a body. Prentiss and Reid show up at the police station. A woman is fighting to be locked up. She’s going on about someone coming back. Back at the scene, Gideon and Hotch determine all the blood vessels were cauterized, while they were alive and dissected. JJ is working with Garcia in her office. She puts up a map and starts putting pins in it for each victim. Gideon determines the free way is a link. At the diner, the waitress tells Morgan that the man comes in from time to time and just gets a milk shake. It’s been going on for a while. Gideon and Frank continue to talk about his victims. JJ and Garcia continue mapping victims. The total is well above 100 victims. Ketamine is also found in the most recent victims’ system. The team delivers the profile and the police are more than a bit horrified. The conversation continues with Frank. Back in the police station, the sheriff introduces Jane to the team. She asks her to tell them her story. She tells them about her car breaking down and being stranded on the side of the road. Her story sounds like an alien abduction. She looked in the aliens eyes and wasn’t afraid anymore and the next thing she knew she was in her room again. They break down what she says into anatomical maps of the body and a mirrored ceiling. Frank tells Gideon a story about a dead body. The sheriff’s husband comes in the diner ready to kill Frank. He pulls up a bag. It’s someone’s head, but not the sheriff’s. The story continues. They canvas the entire town. JJ notices the pattern, that he passes through the same states in the same month every year. They also think he might be using a trailer and towing it with a truck. JJ heads back to Garcia’s office and wakes Garcia. She found a tip that is suspicious. It came from the last victims cell phone and the signal is from Golconda. The sheriff takes Jane home with her. Frank shows up for Jane. He injects the sheriff. Her last words are to tell Jane to run and get to safety. Now Frank has the sheriff in his trailer. It’s quite obvious that he keeps checking the clock, but they don’t know what he’s waiting for. They all head to the sheriff’s house. Reid finds the syringe. One of the officers learns that she brought Jane home with her. Garcia gets a hit on the cell phone, it’s turned back on. They realize he wants to trade the sheriff for Jane. At the diner, they find Frank’s truck. Hotch is on a mission to find Jane. A whole team goes to her house. She has all kinds of wind chimes, they are all made of rib bones. Jane’s not at the house. They start collecting the chimes. It’s wondered if he keeps coming back to her because he’s in love with her. They search the property. There’s a barn behind the house. They find the trailer behind it. Inside it’s exactly as it was profiled and more. Hotch pulls up a panel and finds a dead body. The second panel has the sheriff and she is still alive. Morgan gets a call. The trailer and sheriff have been found. Frank tells her what Jane said about his eyes and how he felt love. Suddenly, everyone’s cell phone starts going off and Frank smiles evilly. Hotch brings the sheriff to the diner where her husband is overjoyed. The kids have been kidnapped. He admits he took the kids but has no interest in harming them. He asks for Jane and a cop car pulls in with sirens and Jane gets out of the backseat. Hotch tells Jane that Frank says he is in love with her. He comes out of the diner. He wants Jane in exchange for the children’s safety. He promises that if he has Jane he will not kill anyone. He agrees to show Gideon where the kids are with Jane as well. Frank and Jane share a moment and they finally find the destination. He tells Gideon what direction they are in and the distance. Frank and Jane take off walking. Gideon turns towards the children and starts running to get to them. He finally finds them but it’s now dark. The kids are safe. Gideon tries to track the two but the tracks disappear.

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