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Papa Winchester is back! Supernatural will be airing its 300th episode next February, and if that weren’t exciting enough for fans, it’s been confirmed that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be returning to reprise his role as John Winchester for the big episode titled “Lebanon”. It is set to air on Thursday, February 7 at 8 PM.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Jeffrey back for this milestone episode, and think fans will love what we have planned for his character… and a few other surprise guest stars,” said Executive producer Andrew Dabb. 
Shortly after the news was announced, Morgan shared an image of his script on Twitter with the caption “there’s no place like home”.

Morgan played Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) father John throughout season one and in the second season’s premiere and finale for a total of twelve episodes. So, seeing that the show is now on its fourteenth season, it’s safe to say that fans have been long waiting for him to make his triumphant return and they wasted no time totally freaking out.

At San Diego Comic-Con this year, Dabb briefly talked about what he had in mind for the 300th episode, describing episode 100, which aired during season 5, as “very much a straight-up episode” and season 10’s 200th episode as “very much in the other direction, where it was very meta and a commentary on the show.” So, for episode 300, Dabb said they “want to do something that lies in the middle.”

“The idea kind of floating around right now is Sam and Dean, for years, have lived in the bunker, which is in a place called Lebanon, Kansas, which is a real town, a very small town, but we’ve never actually seen Lebanon, Kansas, on the show. We’ve never actually seen what these people in this town think of these two guys who drive this muscle car through. The dry cleaner [must think], ‘They have a lot of blood on their clothes. What’s going on there?’”

Meaning that episode 300 would be more geared toward the outside looking in, but fear not, the episode will still feature the same heart, story, and murder that fans love about the show.

“So it becomes: How do these people view Sam and Dean — with Sam and Dean’s story in there, too. We think it could be a real love letter to the show, in what we hope is going to be a very heartwarming way — with murder. Heartwarming with murder,” he continued.

Morgan may have been MIA on Supernatural for quite some time, but he’s been busy both on the big and small screen ever since. He’s currently starring on The Walking Dead as the popular villain Negan, a role which he has been playing since season 6 in 2016. Other TV credits for him include Extant with Halle Berry, The Good Wife, Texas Rising, and Magic City. In film, Morgan was recently seen alongside Dwayne Johnson in this year’s Rampage,  following roles in movies such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Heist, Red Dawn, and The Courier.

Are you excited to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan back on Supernatural? Be sure to tune into the big 300th episode on February 7th!

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