The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep07 – Rock Solid

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 7
Title: Rock Solid
Original Air Date: January 1, 2019

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Synopsis: Rick calls Marty and gives him and update on Smith’s Cove. The coffer dam should be finished today. They discuss how the spoils are going to be sorted. Rick has already spoken to someone at a quarry that has some equipment that they may be able to buy and use. Rick heads to the Cove to check in with Irving. They are putting the last sheet into the coffer dam at that moment. He is advised he’ll need some small pumps to deal with the natural water flow. At the museum a new item arrives. It’s a stone that Fred Nolan had found. They decide to go back to the book bindery location to look for the 90 foot stone again. Rick and some team members travel to the quarry to look at a massive size wash plant. It will make processing the spoils from Smith’s Cove much easier and quicker. Rick makes a joke about how busy Gary will be metal detecting all the sorted spoils. He buys it. Gary and two of the team go to a freshly cleaned up lot (Lot 24). He gets a hit right away. It appears to be a ramrod for loading muskets and rifles. Gary gets another hit, but in the process of digging for it finds a bone. He also finds a piece of pottery. He is still digging for the metal object but keeps getting pottery. He finally finds it and it looks like it could be a metal door handle. They call Rick and he heads over. He’s impressed and they all agree to call Laird to take a look. The next morning the new wash plant is delivered. It’ll take a week to put it together. Charles, Doug and Jack head back to the book binding shop, which is now a college to continue to look for the 90-foot stone. The current owner of the book bindery itself takes them to the basement to search. It’s quite the maze. It doesn’t seem to be the safest of places. Marty returns to the island and he and Rick head to Smith’s Cove. Marty is impressed at the coffer dam and the drainage. The two climb up on the dam and walk around the top of it. After much searching in the basement they find a stone. It’s big and about two feet long. It’s covered in dust and has the letters LN carved in it. The bring the stone back to the island and straight to the war room. They place it wrapped on the table and slowly unwrap it and show the team. Doug announces that this stone was found in the basement of the book bindery in Halifax. He thinks it’s the 90-foot stone. Marty is confused because it’s smooth, there is no carvings. Doug explains that leather was beat against it so much the carvings were worn off. This stone matches the last known description of the rock. They decide to have it lidar tested. It’s also suggested that Laird take a look and also a geologist. The next day Rick and Craig head over to Smith’s Cove to check the water level. They discover that there are a lot of leaks and it’s refiling with water. There are no less than three major leaks. Rick is upset. In the war room, the team calls Irving. Craig tells them there were over 30 leaks and at least 5 were significant. But this was just want was visible above the water line. They recommend getting a silicon that sets quickly and applying it to all the locks that are leaking. The next day they take Laird to Lot 24 where they found the pottery. He identifies the pottery with ease. He’s excited about this find. Laird initially thinks that it could be a well and he is intrigued. He immediately gets to work to find out what is there. Marty calls a meeting in the war room. He introduces Travis Taylor. He’s a scientist with many credentials. He’s got experience with seismic testing and is going to look at the data in several other ways than the people who did the testing did to try and get them more answers. They head back to check on Laird. He’s excavated a good amount. He thinks it could be a shaft or a tunnel. Laird will apply for another permit so that he can start a full excavation of this area. Everyone meets up at the bar and Rick fills everyone in on Laird’s discovery. It’s a tunnel. Alex and Peter have the silicon caulk. They are working on sealing all the locks while the tide is low. Back in the war room, Dr. Travis Taylor has arrived with his results on the seismic data. He found anomalies in densities in the money pit area. He’s also come up with a way for them to search for voids. Radon gas will be present in these voids and escaping. Marty wants to add radon testing to the list. Travis speaks of the freemasons involvement and a drawing table that is given to freemasons as the highest level. He figured out a constellation in that drawing and thinks there is a star map of the island pointing to the treasure. He thinks that the key to the start could be on Apple Island. After his presentation, they take him on a tour. They head to the first target spot from his star map. He finds a massive boulder at the first spot. At the second spot, there had been a stone triangle. It was destroyed but a replica has been placed there. Now they head to the third point on Lot 13. There is another boulder. He’s three for three. He requests GPS coordinates of the three boulders to tighten up his map. Iriving finally comes out to check on the coffer dam. They do an inside perimeter walk to check progress and come up with more solutions. The man from Iriving points out that water is also flowing towards the sheets from the island. He advises they put a trench in to catch the water more centrally to make pumping easier. The brothers head back to Smith’s Cove and its now dry enough to start excavating. The dirt starts getting moved and dumped in a truck to be hauled to the wash plant. The first truck load goes into the hopper of the wash plant.

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