The Curse of Oak Island S06, Ep03 – Depth Perception

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 6
Episode: 3
Title: Depth Perception
Original Air Date: November 27, 2018

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Synopsis: The stabilizing platform for the crane is set up now. They head up to Iriving to get the results of the seismic. The images are very promising, and they now have target areas to pursue. But the results do show their previous digs were not off target by much. They head back to tell everyone else the results. Gary and a few others go to Lot 26 to metal detect. Mike has brought his deep metal detector as well. This will detect to a depth of 20 feet. He gets a hit and they start to dig. It’s a square headed spike from a shipping wharf from the 1700s. He gets a second hit. It’s a large hook. Rick and Marty hold a meeting that evening in the war room to bring everyone up to speed on the seismic results. The map with a big shallow area at about 50 feet, is where they think a chamber might be. There is also a second area and potential tunnels. Work continues at Smiths Cove. Machinery is brought in to drill smaller core samples. DE6 is the first location they have selected. The geologist takes a look at each sample as its pulled up. They get wood at 93 feet. It’s horizontal. They may have found a tunnel. It’ll get carbon dated to determine if its original or a searcher tunnel. Back on Lot 26 one more item is found. It appears to be a crossbow bolt. Rick and Craig come down to see the find. They are both surprised.

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