Elementary S03, Ep24 – A Controlled Descent

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 24
Title: A Controlled Descent
Original Air Date: May 14, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: So after all that it seems the only thing Neil Kopecky is guilty of is being an ass.

* Oscar: You help me find my sister and maybe you’ll see Alfredo again.

* Joan: If Oscar thinks taking you to a shooting gallery is going to help find his sister he’s not just deranged, he’s an idiot.

* Oscar: The whole point is to remember how you got here.

Synopsis: Sherlock and Alfredo watch some old movies on the roof of the brownstone. Sherlock heads back in and talks with Joan. The next day Sherlock goes to see Alfredo. His customer has called the police. Sherlock becomes concerned. He is not answering his phone and he has left his garage open. Sherlock finds Alfredo’s phone broken on the ground. Sherlock calls Joan. He fears Alfredo is dead. He asks Joan to call the Captain, explain everything and see if he will help. Sherlock goes to visit Alfredo’s mom. She asks Sherlock how he is doing. She tells him that she has learned to cope with Alfredo’s addiction. She fears that he will be brought down by Alfredo. Gregson jumps in and helps. He brings in the man who hired Alfredo. He’s a jerk but he has an alibi. At the brownstone, Sherlock is going through Alfredo’s criminal history. Sherlock gets a call from Oscar. He wants Sherlock’s help regarding her sister. He mentions Alfredo and gets Sherlock’s attention. Oscar tells him that he took Alfredo. At the station, Joan is with Gregson and Bell. She shows a proof of life photo. Gregson and Bell are furious, upset and afraid for Sherlock. Gregson is worried that Sherlock is in over his head and that if he needs help they won’t be able to help him. Oscar and Sherlock get food. Oscar says his sister left rehab early and he wants her found. Turns out the facility she left was Hemdale, same as Sherlock. They go to the room that Olivia was in. Her roommate becomes quite scared until Sherlock explains what’s going on. She tells them that someone named Betta Ray was coming to pick her up. He says he knows where to find them. Joan and bell go though a drug den. Bell finds an old rusted knife. Joan looks out the window and sees the missing car. There is evidence Alfredo was in the trunk. Joan finds a napkin from a restaurant called Dilby’s. Oscar takes him to a heroin den. They wait hoping they’ll return. Oscar recounts the Christmas before Sherlock went to rehab. Bell and Joan meet with Gregson at the station. Joan gets a call from Sherlock. He tells her that he had some granite or marble dust on his clothes. Sherlock wakes Oscar, he has a new lead. A possible predator that may have his sister. He shows the man Olivia’s picture and his ID. He said he hasn’t seen the girl. Sherlock nearly breaks his arm. He then tells the truth. Olivia robbed him and messed his arm up quite well. Bell and Joan are searching anything hardware related. She gets an idea. Sherlock and Oscar wind up where the driver of Olivia say she had him drop her off. It’s a very abandoned railroad. Sherlock smells something odd and he investigates. He finds Olivia dead. Sherlock storms out to confront Oscar with the news that Olivia has been dead for two days. Oscar tells him how she got hooked. He then gives quite a performance. He wants to get Sherlock to use again. He throws drugs at Sherlock. Bell and Joan go to the headstone business. Bell and Joan search the whole headstone property. One of the officers finds Alfredo. He is taped to a chair in a very hot box. Joan checks his pulse and Bell cuts him loose. Joan texts Sherlock that Alfredo is ok. Sherlock proceeds to beat the crap out of Oscar. He throws the phone down and picks up the box with the drugs and walks back to Olivia’s body. Joan is back at the brownstone. She gets a test and jons Sherlock up on the roof. Sherlock is sitting in a chair silently. Joan tells him that his father is coming. Sherlock doesn’t look good.

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