Criminal Minds S02, Ep11 – Sex, Birth, Death

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 11
Title: Sex, Birth, Death
Original Air Date: November 29, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* “Between the idea and the reality, between the motion and the act, falls the shadow.” – T.S. Eliot

* “Between the desire and the spasm, between the potency and the existence, between the essence and the descent, falls the shadow. This is the way the world ends.” – T.S. Eliot

* Reid: I know what it’s like to be afraid of your own mind.

Synopsis: Someone is typing on a computer and we also see hookers working on a street corners. It’s the next day and we see what appears to be a man, kill a hooker. Reid is in a subway station and he’s approached by a teenager. He asks him about nature versus nuture. The way he phrases a question Reid becomes concerned. He runs to the BAU. He draws a sketch of the kid. He calls JJ’s contact at the DC police about what the kid tells him. Reid is now worried that the kid is a serial killer based on what he learns from DC police. The team is now investigating. The second victim is fresh and they able to see the body. This body has “help” carved on it. The team talks to some of the hookers. They recognize the drawing that Reid did. A congresswoman pays Hotch a visit. She wants the case to be kept quiet. She doesn’t want the bad press. She politely threatens Hotch. Reid and Garcia work together to try and figure out who the kid is. Based on what Reid learned in his conversation with the boy, they are able to figure out who his is, Nathan Harris. Some of the team goes to his home to chat. He wants to speak with them. Reid asks about the murder. He tells them while he didn’t commit the murder he really wanted to. They take him in for questioning. He just wants help. They discuss the interview after the fact. While he is in the interrogation room he fantasizes about picked up a prostitute and stabbing her. He’s taken for a psych evaluation. The team works on a profile in case this kid is not the killer. After the briefing JJ wants to go to the press, but Hotch tells her no. One of the hookers the team spoke to can’t find her friend. She calls her cell phone and hears it ring. She follows the sound and finds her dead, the same as the previous one. A new message reads “failure.” It’s clearly not Nathan doing the killing. He was in custody when this murder took place. Gideon does the psych evaluation. Gideon meets with the mother after. He tells her that her son needs professional help. Hotch calls Emily into his office and accuses her of snitching to the congress woman. Emily is offended and asks him if he likes her mother. She tells him quite clearly what she thinks of politics. Reid follows up with Gideon. He tells him that it’s not a question of if he will kill someone but when. His mother checks on him and finds him gone. She goes through his room and is quite horrified at what she finds. The team is out on the street looking for him. Morgan gets a call, they just found a body. While some of the team is at the scene they get word Nathan has been found. He’s in a church. He’s brought in as a suspect. He tells Reid that the only way he can prevent himself from killing anyone is to kill himself. They go over the profile again with the victims. They realize that the killer has to have some connection to capital hill. Somehow, the killer has to know about the upcoming press conference about crime going down. Hotch, holds a press conference the day before hers. He informs everyone that crime is indeed down quite a bit, but there is a serial killer and this has nothing to do with the crime stats. JJ takes over and gives the profile. Reid and Garcia run the same profile through her system to try and narrow down the search. The congress woman appears at Hotch’s office. He’s ready for her and has a group of people for her to meet. They ask the ladies to describe the man to the congress woman. She doesn’t recognize the description. Reid starts reading the names of groups that supported her bill. One gets a hit and she gives them a name. The man is at is house. He’s writing horrible things on his computer. He suddenly gets up and tells his wife he has to go back to work. The team shows up at his house, but he’s gone. They ask to see his office but she says no one is allowed in there. Gideon starts asking her some questions that make her uncomfortable. Everything Gideon tells her is true and she opens the door once again. She lets them in his office. The team finds more than enough evidence in his office. They canvas the area with his photo. He’s walking in the area as they are looking for him. He approaches a woman who was shown his picture. She starts blowing a whistle like crazy and they catch him. At the BAU, Garcia brings Nathan in to see Reid. Reid tries to assure him that he’s going to be ok. Nathan tells him he’s going to a hospital and thanks Reid for caring. Nathan goes for a walk and he picks up one of the hookers. Meanwhile, Garcia has decided to cheer up Reid. Nathan is in a room with her. He starts to freak out and he pulls a weapon out. Garcia and Reid are walking to her car. He gets a call. He needs Garcia to drive him to where Nathan is and they work to save him. The paramedics arrive. They learn that Nathan set Reid’s card on the table and suicide note before he cut himself. That’s how she knew to call. Gideon tells Reid he saved Nathan’s life. But Reid is worried that by saving him he may have cost one or more people their lives at some point in the future.

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