Daniel Radcliffe Says Kids No Longer Recognize Him for ‘Harry Potter’

Daniel Radcliffe has come into his own in the years since Harry Potter ended. The accomplished actor has taken to the stage in all sorts of productions, but it seems like people are starting to forget where Radcliffe first came from.

Recently, the British star sat down for and interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe. It was there Radcliffe said kids no longer point him out for playing Harry Potter because they don’t recognize him. (via Telegraph UK)

“I do have a thing sometimes where I meet kids now and their parents will bring them up to me and they’ll be like ‘this is Harry Potter’ and the kids will be like ‘no it’s not’,” the actor admitted.

While lifelong fans of the films may be shocked by the fact, it makes sense Radcliffe would be harder to spot these days. After all, the actor got his big break with Harry Potter when he was a pre-teen. By the time Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow — Part 2 came out in 2011, Radcliffe was in his early 20s.

As for now? Well, the star will celebrate his 30th birthday next July. It has been quite awhile since Radcliffe has stepped into Harry Potter’s shoes, and his looks have changed a lot in the last seven years. While younger fans could recognize a 20-year-old Radcliffe, the same cannot be said for him at 30 every time.

via Daniel Radcliffe Says Kids No Longer Recognize Him for ‘Harry Potter’


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