Elementary S03, Ep22 – The Best Way Out is Always Through

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 22
Title: The Best Way Out is Always Through
Original Air Date: April 30, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: If the cup is real I will return it to the Hockey Hall of Fame with all haste, if not then Clyde has a new wading pool.

* Sherlock: It’s statistics Watson. It’s not that they fail more, it’s that they don’t try.

* Joan: Do I think she’s a honey trap? No.

* Sherlock: I know how I’d escape, I’ve found 11 different ways. What I can’t determine is how she escaped.

* Sherlock (to Bell): You deserve more… The great love of my life is a homicidal maniac. No one’s perfect.

* Bell: I don’t know which is weirder: that I’m spending Friday night with you or that that’s the real Stanley Cup.

* Bell: You honestly think I’m lonelier than you?
Sherlock: By a factor of 10.

* Sherlock: You’re the most dedicated police detective I know. It takes it’s toll.

Synopsis: Joan goes into her bathroom to take a shower and finds the Stanley Cup in her bathtub. At the Subway station, two guys harass man, turns out he’s been stabbed. They call for help. Bell comes out of a club with his lady friend. His night is interrupted by a phone call, hers not his. As she gets in a cab, his phone rings. Bell, Sherlock and Joan all go to the crime scene. The dead man is a judge. Bell’s girlfriend is covering the case too. She is skeptical of Sherlock. He thinks it’s a lover’s quarrel gone wrong. They bring his “girlfriend” for questioning. She gives them an alibi. Bell comes in and got a hit on the prints. It’s someone that Vaughn put behind bars. She escaped from prison two days ago. They visit the prison. Sherlock is not impressed with the security there. The security guard wasn’t surprised that she managed to escape since they are short staffed. Bell and Waston look at her cell. Joan asks about Det. Scott and gives her approval. They get a new name, Jeff. Joan figures out it’s a lawyer who helps prisoners. Joan drops a hint about Scott, but Sherlock says she’s Internal Affairs. Joan tells him that she’s seeing Bell. She feels the need to tell Bell. The wife of the security guard gets weird texts from him. He’s been killed in a parking lot. They all meet with Gregson and bring him up to speed. Bell and Joan meet with Jeff the lawyer. He tells them about some of the things they have to do in prison and how unsafe some of those tasks are. He tells them he didn’t’ help her break out, he filed a motion to get her released. They head to the courthouse and Joan tells Bell about Det. Scott on the drive. She tells him she does work for Internal Affairs Bureau. They get into a little fight over bad cops. He ends it with her. At the brownstone, Sherlock is going over the prison layout. He’s determined 11 different ways to escape, but cannot figure out how she did it. Joan tells her what they learned form Jeff. Her job change was forced on her and she was not happy about it. The screwdriver used to murder the judge came from the prison. The material are sorted into hazard and non hazardous materials. They go through the bins and Sherlock finds her body in one of them. She was killed a day before the judge was. The four meet and everyone is brought up to speed. They do a deep background check on the security guard and find some red flags. He tells them if they come back with a subpoena he can provide all the information they need. He agrees to let them look at the files but nothing can be taken. McCann was doing favors for members of the Russian mob, and that’s why he was fired. They discuss Det. Scott. Sherlock is worried that he thinks he’s causing people around him to be alone. He actually pays Bell a compliment. Another update is given to Gregson. The New Jersey Governer’s race is brought up. It could be the reason for this string of murders. It might be about prison contracts. The company that owned the prison that Nikki was in was owned by a certain company. It turns out now that McCann’s old boss will now get the contract for a new prison. Sherlock shows him a picture of him at the fundraiser. They lay out the evidence against him and arrest him. Bell meets Det. Scott outside her precinct. He wants a do over. He over-reacted. She makes a few strong points and informs him she’s transferring to ISB full time. She leaves the door open though. Bell goes to the brownstone. He’s playing cards with Sherlock. Sherlock shows him the real cup and that the NHL will be picking it up shortly.

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