Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S03, Ep08 – Vision Quest

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Season: 3
Episode: 8
Title: Vision Quest
Original Air Date: January 18, 2015

Links for the first six volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Casey: Want me to soften it up Red?
April: Just hold it straight, wouldn’t want to accidentally miss and knock that smug grin off your face.

* Splinter: Be like the wind, let nothing weigh you down.

* Shredder: It is time we end this turtle.
Leo: I agree.

Synopsis: Leo is trying to hunt but his knee is making it difficult. The deer charges him, and then beats the crap out of him. The turtles do some training and practice using their ninja skills to chop firewood. They have no trouble, then it’s Aprils turn. She doesn’t break the board, but with Casey holding it, she sends him flying. Leo gets back and collapses. He says he’s had a epiphany and that they each need to become one with nature. They’re going to go camping now. Donnie protests because he worries about Casey and April getting too close. Mikey tries to bond with squirrels but they take their nuts and leave. It rains and they have to cop with that. Finally, a squirrel returns and gives Mikey a nut. He’s succeeded. Leo notices that the same deer is following him. The guys think it’s a mutant and attack even tho Leo tells them to stop. He finally gets their attention. While cooking smores over the fire, Master Splinter appears to them in the flames. He tells them he is still alive but they cannot help him yet until they find their inner strength. When Leo tells him about his knee injury, he gives him advice. He gives each of them a spiritual challenge to complete. The next morning they wake up. Leo has everyone start their journey. Leo sees shadows and the deer is there again. He follows it and nearly falls off a bridge. A Foot Soldier appears. It attacks him. Suddenly, there’s a bunch of them. Raph is in a cave looking for a pirate ship. But it’s got torches and each one is being held by a Foot Clan soldier. Donnie also meets Foot Soldiers. He realizes what’s going on. Mikey comes across Food Soldiers as well. Leo takes out all the Foot Soldiers but the bridge breaks under him. He barely hangs on. Mikey plays whack a mole with them. Once they are gone Razr appears. Raph is having a blast in the cave. Fishface joins him once he takes out all the Foot Soldiers. Donnie frights with the Foot as he tries to reason with him. Tiger Claw says hello. Leo finds the deer again. When he speaks to it, Shredder appears. Donnie and Tiger Claw battle. Raph and Fish Face fight under water. Leo is taking on Shredder. Razr is taking on Mikey. He tries to focus and it works. He defeats Razr. Donnie is getting stomped by Tiger Claw while the mountain starts to crumble. Donnie decides to stand his ground against Tiger Claw and wins. Raph tries to focus his anger and he gets flaming claws. He beats Fish Face. Shredder torments Leo. He listens to Shredder and acts defeated. The deer visits him again to give him courage. He decides the pain is in his head, it’s his fear. He gets Shredder in the eye with an arrow and wins. Back at the farmhouse, April finally breaks the wood with a kick. The guys return just in time to see it. April is surprised at their appearance. Leo tells her it’s time to go back to New York.

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