Criminal Minds S02, Ep10 – Lessons Learned

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: Lessons Learned
Original Air Date: November 22, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* “Some of the best lessons are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom of the future.” — Dale Turner

* “In order to learn the most important lessons of life, one must each day surmount a fear.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Synopsis: A SWAT team storms a house but it’s empty. An escape tunnel is found also some type of bomb. Hotch’s phone rings, it wakes him and Haley. It’s a possible terror situation and Haley just wants him to come back safely. The team meets for a briefing. Emily impresses by knowing the terminology of what was built. Her language skills also allow her to translate the message in Arabic on the spot for the team, which gets everyone’s attention. It allows them to figure out the timeline of the next attack. It’s linked to someone they have in Guantamo Bay. Hotch asks Gideon to take Emily to Guantanamo. She’s fluent in Arabic. Gideon finally agrees. The plane ride is tense. Gideon gives her a game plan and what to watch and listen for, he gives Reid an assignment too. The rest of the team goes to the house that was raided. Derek tells everyone the bomb set up and what each part does. The interrogation at Gitmo begins. Emily watches the video of him and notes he’s reciting the Koran from memory. Gideon interrupts the interrogation. Gideon gives him a jumpsuit and apologizes for the way he’s been treated. Emily and Spencer are watching for every detail. At the house, Derek finds a chemical list. It’s a list of additives needed to weaponize anthrax. Emily determines he’s Egyptian. The conversation goes well. Gideon leaves him for prayers. All the chatter is routed to Garcia. JJ has her search for gift. It gets a hit which leads to another and we get a possible location. Gideon returns and the conversation continues. He tells Gideon about a bombing that happened when he was 8. Reid calls Garcia to verify the bombing. It killed half of his family. The DEA and members of the team locate the site from the chatter. They converge and sweep it. It’s empty. Gideon tells him what happened and his response is relief. Gideon realizes it’s a trap and orders everyone out. As they are exiting it explodes. In JJ’s office, the massive explosion is on the news. Garcia calls Morgan to make sure they are ok. A SWAT agent was lost though. Gidoe gets a call that his team is ok. Now the suspect tells another story. The bombing was more recent based on this new story. Garcia finds the real story about the man in detention. Gideon leaves him to prayers. Reid tells them about how homegrown terrorists are created. Gideon puts the pressure on the agents at Gitmo to try and share information to prevent a terrorist attack with Anthrax. Gideon got through, Garcia is being fed a massive amount of information. Gideon speaks with him again. While Garcia goes through the feed, she gets a hit on the Anthrax. A Dutch firm may be missing as much as 20 grams of Anthrax. The Dutch terror watch list is also given to Garca so she can try and find a target. She gets a hit and an address. They search the site and find some dead bodies and a crude lab. It appears everything is in four back packs. Gideon brings Reid in to met the suspect. He’s now making jokes. Reid tells him what they’ve learned about him. Gideon pleads with him, but is interrupted by a message. They both exit. He opens the door and allows him to see the TV report of a terrorist attack. He gives a lot of information about his beliefs. He gives a clue about a giant shopping center. He realizes he’s been tricked. They found the mall being targeted, it’s a giant mall in the middle of Virginia. It’s also the same mall that Haley is taking Jack to for pictures. They arrive and find the transport van. A security guard is dead in it. In the security office, Hotch sees them on the roof. They’re going to put it in the air conditioning system. They resist and three are taken down immediately, the fourth has a more dramatic end. Haley watches the news and sees the coverage of the mall. Turns out she cancelled the photos. She sees he’s quite upset and puts an arm around him. On the plane ride back, the three discuss how they got the answer. Gideon beats Reid again at chess and he quits in frustration. So Gideon invites Emily to play.

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