Criminal Minds S02, Ep08 – Empty Planet

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: Empty Planet
Original Air Date: November 8, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

“Crime butchers innocents to secure a prize. And innocence struggles with all its might against the attempts of crime.” — Maximilien Robespierre

Synopsis: A person is building a bomb and calls to report it before he sets it off. JJ busts into Hotch’s office with a bomb threat. Homeland Security has made the request. Reid points out that the message states its only the beginning. It becomes a waiting game for the bomb to go off. A man on a bus puts something under the seat, then pulls the stop cord and gets off. As he walks away he turns around and sets off the bomb. He then walks away. The team arrives on the scene. It’s a small pipe bomb attached to an umbrella. Twenty five were on the bus, two died and seven were injured. Hotch asks JJ to call the passengers and map their positions on the bus. Gideon gets on the bus and pictures the passengers and the bomb going off. They set up a press conference. Gideon wants to make the unsub contact them. Reid and Morgan at looking at what’s left of the bomb. A bomb tech joins them with a reconstruction. He filled the bomb with dried peas. He also carved a logo on the pipe bomb. He may be anti-technology. Morgan calls Garcia for information on anti-technology. She finds one article. A computer lab get based up and another article about a floppy disk bomb. The note has a robot with an arrow through it, just like what’s carved on the bomb. The team delivers the profile. A call comes in on the tip line for Gideon. It’s the FTP Brigade. He tells them his name is Allegro. They hear a bomb go off in the background. They arrive at a blown up gas station. It’s the same bomb only bigger. Inside they find another robot with an arrow and his manifesto. Gideon mentions the name he gave. But it’s a book character from Empty Planet. JJ notes there was a scientist on the bus. They feel he’s the target. Turns out Dr. Cook is friends with the author of Empty Planet. Garcia tracks her to the school where the attacks took place. Her name is Ursula Kent. Even though Cook doesn’t want protection Gideon arranges for it. It doesn’t help though. He drives to work and when he opens the door and starts to get out of his car, it explodes. There was a compression detonator under his seat. The bomb had to be put in his car while he was at the station. Allegro calls Gideon again. Gideon and Reid go to talk to Professor Kent. She thinks its absurd that someone could see her book as anything other than a fantasy. Gideon tells her about Dr. Cook’s murder. The team deals with bomb one and now they have one at the post office. Dr. Kent also has the robot with an arrow as a necklace. Gideon hands her the manifesto to read and waits. He finds her class syllabus. It gives them another target. She’s walking to her car and gets in before they can catch her. They all run in front of her. He opens the door to check for a bomb and finds one. She’s pretty scared. The bomb tech comes up with a simple solution for simple bomb. Morgan refuses to leave the woman’s side. She even tells him he should get to safety as well. He won’t let her give up. The bomb tech examines the bomb. She slides the metal plate onto the pins and safely removes the bomb. Morgan pulls the woman safely out of the car. Gideon tells him to blow the car up to keep her safe. Dr. Kent tells them she doesn’t recognize the writing, but after they leave something strikes hers. She calls her assistant about Kenneth Roberts. She throws her book in the trash in what appears to be disgust. At the station, Reid gives them an overview of the book and when he tells them the whole thing is from the mothers point of view after her death, something clicks for Gideon. Kenneth shows up in Dr. Kent’s office and calls her, “Mother.” It turns out he was adopted. His father died and that’s likely what sent him over the edge. The team race to Dr. Kent’s office. He tries to get her to admit she’s his real mom, but she won’t because she isn’t. He takes her hostage and drags her to her classroom. She tells him she didn’t have a son but a daughter. She wants to help him. Dr. Kent realizes a sniper is going to shoot Kenneth and she pushes him out of the way and takes the bullet. She chose to protect him because he’s lost. On the plane, JJ beats Reid at gin. Morgan asks Gideon about what he said. Gideon confirms he did say it. Morgan goes back to listening to his music, but can’t stop his smile.

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