Elementary S03, Ep17 – Bone and the Iceman

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 17
Title: Bone and the Iceman
Original Air Date: March 12, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: How was your lunch with your mother?
Joan: Oren is having an affair.
Sherlock: Oren’s having an affair??

* Joan: I’m the least weird person in my family.

* Sherlock: I’m not easily surprised, but I must confess I wasn’t expecting this.

* Sherlock: When a new client dies, you throw an old on in the meat locker.
Cryo Guy: We rotate them.

* Cryo Guy: I’m trying to do the right thing here.
Joan: Better late than never.

* Joan: Wait. Our missing dead guy was a murder victim?

* Joan: That’s a pretty selfish way to phrase a generous offer.

Synopsis: There’s a power outage at the house and Joan is not amused. Joan has a lunch scheduled with her mother earlier than usual which causes concern for Sherlock. A woman is driving and is lost. She looks down at her phone to get directions and t-bones into a van. She seems ok and goes to check on the driver. But finds something she shouldn’t have and gets clubbed. Bell, Sherlock and Joan are on scene. Bell thinks its road rage. Bell asks Sherlock to look at the body. Something is not right with the body. Apparently, she was exposed to R22, which is an AC refrigerant. She was killed with a tire iron. Joan excuses herself to go to lunch with her mother. She gets there late, her mother as already eaten. But she gets to the point. Joan’s mother thinks her brother is having an affair. Her moth witness Oren kissing a blonde woman in the driveway. Sherlock and Bell have learned that R22 has been significantly reduced and its much harder to find so it narrows down the search a bit. Sherlock and Joan find themselves at an ice rink. They discuss her lunch and Sherlock is quite shocked about her brothers affair and her mother asking Joan to intercede. They speak with the facilities manager about his missing R22 canisters. Sherlock accuses him of stealing the R22 himself. He admits to selling the R22 and provides a description of the guy. They get an address and find a van, but not the van that was involved in the accident. Joan wants to call for a warrant, but Sherlock picks the lock and enters the warehouse. Joan finds him in warehouse rather speechless…there’s a collection of dead bodies. They go to a local cryo centers. He was storing bodies in that warehouse in a meat locker because he ran out of room in his facility. To add insult to injury he rotates the bodies between the facility and the meat locker. He admits to buying the refrigerant. Sherlcok then shows him the dead woman. He tells them that two nights ago they were robbed and the van was stolen. Another employee tells them that there was a break in. He also tells them that a body was stolen. At the station, Joan goes through all the files and it matches up with what they’ve heard, seen and collected. According to Sherlock, the missing body was a murder victim. He had bene strangled. There’s a sketch of a suspect and Joan finds he looks familiar. They go to visit a witness only he’s dying. Sherlock asks him about Jim Sullivan. They ask him to recount the scene he saw again. At the brownstone, Joan calls Oren about what her mom saw and he’s furious. She comes up from the basement to find Sherlock listening to interview recordings. He things the witness is lying. Joan tells him how the call with Oren went. Sherlock tells Joan he received two calls from his mother while he was in London. He voices some concerns. Bell calls form the witnesses home, he’s dead, just like Jim Sullivan. Sherlock thinks it’s two different murderers. Bell gets a call, there’s an intruder at the cryo facility. The engineer tells them what happened. He described the same man the witness did. He IDs the picture that Sherlock has. Joan meets her mom for lunch again. Joan voices her concerns. She also called her dad. Her mother gets upset and leaves. Joan joins Sherlock at the station and they go over the sketch. The lunch comes up. Sherlock and Joan get invited to witness the autopsy of the dead witness. He not only has bruises on the neck, but on his feet too. Joan and Sherlock find evidence that he was the murderer. The bruises were a cover for wearing shoes too small to get away with murder. The rest of the tale links back to the cryo lab. Joan gets an idea. They call in one of the techs who’s a witness to identify a photograph. Turns out the guy is an actor. The pieces fall into place. He decides to give them everything. Joan meets Sherlock and he informs her that her mother is coming as well. Sherlock is going to go with Joan and her Mother to see a neurologist.

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