Elementary S03, Ep11 – The Illustrious Client

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 11
Title: The Illustrious Client
Original Air Date: January 22, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Kitty: You think he’s found me?
Sherlock: If he has he’s made a grave mistake. Watson and I intend to capitalize on it.

* Kitty: I’m not going anywhere. This is why I became a detective. To hunt this man. I’m ready.

* Joan: Yeah because rape is only committed by poor people.

* Kitty: It’s like you said, he’s a monster. They don’t need a why.

* Kitty: She’s lying.
Sherlock: Yes, thank you, well aware.

* Kitty: Someone hurt me Sherlock. You hurt yourself. You don’t know anything about how I’m feeling.

* Kitty: I was wrong Watson. I didn’t forget the voice, I couldn’t.

Synopsis: Joan starts her new job at the insurance company. Sherlock calls. She goes straight to the brownstone to assist Sherlock in breaking the news to Kitty that her attacker is now in New York. Sherlock tells Kitty and she is in shock. She’s not thrilled about a detail and being asked to go to a safe house. At the precinct, Gregson is not amused with how another investigation is being handled. The missing person is the dead victim. The cop doesn’t seem to care much. She shows him her scars. A woman is locked in a room. She sees the emerald ring of the previous victim on the floor. Sherlock and Joan have determined that either the killer has a type or he’s going after women who look like Kitty. The three go over her social media and computer files. A suspect is brought in for interrogation. Bell and Kitty watch it. He provides an alibi. Joan goes to the bar and shows photos around. The bartender identified the girl, but not the man. He gives her a cell hone they found. At the brownstone, Kitty is searching like crazy. The phone gets a hit. Bell sends his file to Sherlock. Meanwhile, the woman being held is rescued. The whole house is full of captive victims. They now believe this is the guy. They find the weapons used on Kitty. In the garage they find a dead man. The suspect was fleeing the scene of a murder. One of the victims asks to speak with someone. Joan and Kitty speak with her. She tells them many details. Sherlock is back at the scene of the house and crime. Simon stole a car from a neighboring house. He most likely ran to his sister who works at a hospital. When they talk to her she tells them she fixed him up and kicked him out. Sherlock walks around and becomes suspicious. They decide to tail her. He tells Joan and Kitty that he actually came there to steal a drug for a rare blood disease. Sherlock reminds Joan that she now works for an insurance company and can access information. She asks her new boss but he’s hesitant. She manages to win him over. Kitty goes to visit the sister. She apologizes. Once inside, it changes, she takes out her baton. Back at the brownstone, Joan arrives worried. She and Sherlock pondered the board. Simon’s sister finally comes in and talks. She has a phone number for Simon. They set up a call. While they didn’t get the trace, Sherlock determines he’s on a boat. The area has two marinas. Gregson searches one and comes up empty. Bell is at the other one. The drug list came up as a bust. Bell doesn’t find him. A boat trailer is empty and Sherlock becomes curious. Simon’s ex neighbor has a 27 foot boat, and it’s suddenly missing. They get him to crack. Bell gets a call from the man’s wife. The boat was on fire. Simon is likely dead. Gregson speaks with Sherlock in his office. It’s about Kitty’s visit to Simon’s sister. Gregson has to suspend Kitty from working with the department with these allegations. At the morgue, Kitty tells Sherlock this is not the guy who attacked her. They have a heart to heart. Joan’s boss calls her. Kitty surprises Joan at her apartment. She demands to know who Joan was talking to. Kitty starts shaking. She is going on about her attackers voice. Del, Joan’s new boss, it’s his voice. He’s the one who attacked Kitty.

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