Criminal Minds S02, Ep05 – The Aftermath

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: The Aftermath
Original Air Date: October 18, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.”
–Helen Keller

Synopsis: The team is at the office late. A case comes in, it’s a serial rapist. A woman gets dropped off and he’s waiting for her in her home. On the plane, they go over his MO. At the local office, they meet with the officers working the case. Some of the team goes to the hospital to speak with a victim. Morgan and JJ speak to another victim at a college. She tells them there were a lot more victims. Hotch plays a recording for the victim of a recording. Later the team pulls into a parking garage in separate cars. At the hotel, the lead detective shows up at Gideon’s room. We see glimpses of each team member, ideas forming for each one. Spencer checks on Elle. He gets her to talk about her attack. The next morning the team gives the profile. JJ has located a suicide at a religious college. It coincides with the attacker going off campus. They meet with her parents. The mother is uncooperative, but the father gives them the daughters suicide note. Gideon revisits the most recent victim. She is trying to have a baby. They are finding this to be a link. It also means that because he has changed his MO he is monitoring past victims. The team visits the fertility clinic. The doctor gives out a survey to his patients. The questions that are on the survey’s are all the things that the unsub knows. He tells them the name of the firm that he sells them to. The owner of that firm decides to cooperate. Going through all the forms they are able to compile a list of commonalities and find his next target. Officers go to her house, they leave when she doesn’t respond. She was inside and so was he. Elle starts to lose his cool. Hotch asks Elle to pose as a woman who fits the unsubs profile. She agrees. She’s also having flash back and symptoms of PTSD from her attack. He begins stalking Elle. They run the plate and get his name. But Elle flips and takes him down. Now her cover is blown. They question him at the station but are forced to release him. Elle does not take this well. She is waiting for him at his house. He starts hitting on her. This meeting doesn’t go well. She kills him. Gideon and the team arrive. The local officer tells them it’s cut and dry. Elle will be cleared.

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