Elementary S03, Ep10 – Seed Money

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 10
Title: Seed Money
Original Air Date: January 15, 2015

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Favorite Quotes:

* Kitty: Life is stranger than anything the mind could invent. It’s something my friend likes to say.

* Joan: You broke into my apartment?
Sherlock: You break into mine all the time.

* Sherlock: We thought he was killed over plants you could smoke. Perhaps he was killed over one you cannot.

* Sherlock: Murders.
Bell: Who?
Sherlock: All of them.

* Sherlock: It was my understanding that was impossible.
Joan: And your understanding can’t be wrong?

* Joan: They may be fakes, but they are still beautiful. I’m going to water them.

* Sherlock: It’s your life Watson, I’ve no right to a monopoly.

* Sherlock: You’ve been a good friend and a good partner.

* Joan: I’m not here to judge you.

* Joan: I know it was you Barbara. I know you killed Klay.

Synopsis: Kitty is at a support meeting. She tells of how she was hurt and met Sherlock and move to New York. That after him she made another friend and another friend. After the meeting, one of the attendees ask Kitty for help as a detective. Her daughter has been missing for three days. Joan arrives at a murder scene. Two seniors have died together. Poison is suspected. They head to the basement to look for the source and find another dead body. He’s a resident in the building with two doctorates. They bring in the emergency contact for notification. When they ask her about the marijuana she tells them he engineered it. Kitty arrives at the brownstone to fine Sherlock inverted. He tells her the grow house was somewhere in Brooklyn. Kitty’s runaway seems to be a brat. Joan wakes up to Sherlock in her apartment making her a smoothie. After she yells at him they begin going over new evidence. Joan informs Sherlock that she is closing her private business and going to work for an insurance company as an investigator. She was hesitant because of how he reacted the last time. Gregson has found the grow house. The plants are dying as well from lack of care. There is also a stolen orchid present. At the station, Sherlock has the autopsy. He was dead before being lit on fire. Joan wonders if there if it was a copycat of a gang killing. A classmate of the missing teenager meets Kitty. She tells her about a car that had been following her. She gives her the license plate number. Sherlock, Bell and Joan go to visit a vice president of a conglomerate. They ask her about the flower purchase. She tells them that the flower was included with the chest of drawers. Meanwhile, Gregson has brought in the owner of the Jaguar. Kitty notices something odd about his thumb. At the brownstone, Sherlock pulls the two orchids out of their pots. The orchids are clones of the original. Gregson calls the two, there are two more murders. It’s at Agranex, the firm they visited earlier today and where they found the orchid clone. The dead bodies are two employees. Both were abducted at their homes and left at there last location. Sherlock notices the rope they were tied with did not burn. It’s specialized to not burn. They bring the executive they questioned back in. She was impressed with the victim’s cloning skills. She wanted to hire him for his cloning skills and is growing skills. Kitty has tracked down Tess. They discus what she is up to and also who her father is. Kitty tells her the thumbs is how she figured it out. At the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock confirm everything Barbara told them. They discuss Kitty and her detective skills. The discussion is interrupted by a suspect in the murders. Joan realizes that the first victim was backing out of the deal with Agranex. Joan gets a text from the victim’s ex-girlfriend. Turns out she just wants flower food for the flower she was given by him. In a twist, the plant food she wanted is the same they were given by mistake. It’s for the flower that the dead man would give to each woman he was with. Joan calls Sherlock and tells him he was right, Barbara killed him. When she comes to the station, she only finds Joan. She tells her everything she’s discovered and that the Kelly’s deaths were accidental. Gregson calls Sherlock about a body and asks for just him. Sherlock is confused as to why he could not bring Kitty. The man who hurt Kitty is now in New York.

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