Elementary S03, Ep04 – Bella

Show: Elementary
Season: 3
Episode: 4
Title: Bella
Original Air Date: November 20, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Kitty: You stumped her, we done?

* Joan: He’s a little bit too old to be playing cat burglar, don’t you think?

* Sherlock: I find it very difficult to conceive that a collection of ones and zeros is a suspect in a homicide.

* Nathan: Unless the computers rise tonight, we have a murder to solve.

* Joan: These people sit around and think about the apocalypse.
Sherlock: No, they think about all possible apocalypses.

* Joan: Ok, I believe you. I kind of feel like hugging you right now.

* Sherlock: I don’t think catching both murderers is going to be easy at all. She is lying to us. She intends to cover up for her mentor.

Synopsis: Kitty learns about Sherlock’s timeshare of Clyde with Joan and is not amused. During this discourse, a client arrives. A computer scientist needs his help recovering stolen AI software named, “Bella.” Sherlock is skeptical. The software has been developing things itself. The man takes Sherlock and Kitty to his workplace. He is surprised to find the software has been wired a doll. Sherlock speaks with the doll and doesn’t get a lot of anything from it. Joan comes down at Kitty’s request. She tells Kitty how to control him and then leaves. Sherlock decides to take on the case. Joan arrives at the brownstone to find Mason with Sherlock. They are all conferencing with some AI experts. Joan and Kitty get to work analyzing the photo of the thief. Joan determines he would have needed to surveil the place to know where Bella was located. The two head to the building and check out the surrounding buildings to try and figure out where the burglar watched from. They find a broken window and a cigarette butt. Sherlock meets the pair at the station. No DNA match on the butts. But they did get a DNA match. Sherlock recognizes the sketch as “Raffles.” Sherlock doesn’t understand why he’s stealing different types of items. Joan is making dinner for her boyfriend when she finds out Sherlock has asked him for help on the case. Sherlock and Joan seek an audience with the CEO of the company developing Bella. He’s also found Raffles. He lays out a deal for the CEO and he follows through. They show the video to one of Bella’s creators and find the other co-creator dead. Suspicions fly. The co-creator thinks Bella killed him. Sherlock takes a look at the Belle machine and disconnects it. Sherlock brings the computer back to the brownstone. Joan loses patients and heads home. Joan’s boyfriend has got a new idea but it’s going to take him out of the country a lot. Joan confronts Sherlock about the email chain. He’s listening to some death metal from the dead man’s computer. He copied it to Bella. There’s a weird blip. They find software that has the virus that plays a flashing video that killed him. Gregson tracks down the man who sent him the CDs. Back at the brownstone, Joan is forced to pick the lock to get in. Sherlock has narrowed down the suspect pool to a thinktank. This thinktank is most focused on artificial intelligence. They debate the realities of this group doing the killing. They move on to a discussion about her boyfriend, Andrew. Sherlock admits that he views Joan as a friend and that she was part of why he came back to New York. The main suspect used a cleaning service that he won free cleanings from. The man picks out a student from one of the thinktank members class. Sherlock and Joan bring Bell up to speed. They get a warrant for the student. She admits to everything right in the middle of the school. Sherlock feels she is lying. In interrogation she recites everything like it’s a script. She admits she’s covering for him. At the brownstone, Sherlock ignores several ringing phones. He’s come up with a plan to force Pike to admit what he is done. Sherlock confronts him. He blackmails him with his brothers drug problem. They have a very colorful discussion. Sherlock returns to the brownstone and stares at Bella. Joan comes back to her apartment. She tells Andrew she wants to come with him for at least part of the trip and he’s excited. Sherlock gives Bella a riddle to solve regarding the case. She gives the same response about not understanding.


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