The X Files S01, Ep22 – Born Again

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: Born Again
Original Air Date: April 29, 1994

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Favorite Quotes:

* Officer: Agent Scully, he’s been dead for 9 years, which means that little girl saw a ghost.

* Scully: Because sometimes looking for extreme possibilities makes you blind to the probable explanation right in front of you.

* Scully: I told you it was a signature hit.
Mulder: Give me the grizzly details.

* Mother: What’s going on?
Scully: All we know is that your daughter has witnessed two deaths in the last two days.

* Scully: You think he’s back later Peter Proud to avenge his murder?

* Mulder: Short of her growing a mustache, how much more apparent does it have to become for you to accept it?

Synopsis: At a police station a female office is just getting off. She spots a child in the alley alone. She brings her back in for another office to talk with her. The child makes eye contact with the male officer and he suddenly flies out the window and lands on a car, dead. They call in Mulder and Scully. They try to get background on the officer. The little girl told the female office a man threw the officer out of the window. They use a computer artist rendering to try and figure out who the man is. The computer system has a strange glitch. Scully speaks with her mother. Her mother tells her she’s not like other kids her age. Mulder shows her the sketch of the man but she doesn’t recognize it. Scully heads back for an autopsy. Mulder suspects that the child has psychokinetic powers. He talks to her psychiatrist. She starts looking at him like he’s nuts and kicks him out. Scully begins the autopsy. When she uncovers him she finds what looks like burns. The female office arrives and she found a facial match. But the officer who it matches has been dead for 9 years. She brings the case file to Mulder at the station. He asks for the details of what happened to the officer. His injuries are the same thing that the little girl keeps doing to the dolls in therapy. The two begin investigating that murder. They speak with his former partner and don’t get much. The officer they spoke with, Tony, speaks with another person. He’s very freaked out. Turns out they were involved in Charlie’s murder. That night a bus picks up the man the Tony met with. When he gets off his scarf somehow gets stuck in the doors. The bus drivers sees it but when he tries to stop the bus he can’t. He winds up being hanged and dies. The little girl is on the bus. The mother comes down to the station. The female office tells Mulder that the man who just died used to be Barbola’s partner. The only connection is the drug bust in Chinatown. So the two dig into that case. Tony gets another visit. His wife tells them he never came home last night. They have an origami collection. Turns out they were made by her ex-husband, Charlie Morris. He’s the officer killed in the Chinatown hit. The little girl finally gets hypnotized. She’s reliving Charlie Morris’s death. Scully is not happy about the results. Mulder rewatches the taped video of it, he finds some weird static. At Tony’s house, there is a knock on the door. His wife thinks it might be him. She opens the door and finds a origami giraffe. Mulder has a tech check the video. He confirms that the image was actually recorded there. The female officer comes in with the pathologist’s records of Charlie’s autopsy. He was murdered by drowning. Tony finally arrives home. He wants her to run away with him. The little girl is at the window. The tech has managed to pull the image. It’s a diver from Charlie’s saltwater tank. Mulder believes he was killed in his own fish tank. Back at Tony’s the power goes out. He goes downstairs with a gun. A power cord wraps around his legs and he loses his gun. The little girl appears. Mulder and Scully arrive at Tony’s house. They hear a racket and the wife is screaming. Scully finds another door that they are able to get in. Tony starts talking to the little girl like he’s Charlie. They make it in the house and the wife is screaming she’s trapped. Scully lets her out. They both come down stairs. Tony then confesses that he knew what they did to Charlie and that he was a part of it. Suddenly, there’s a bright light and even the fish tank is going crazy. The wife asks him to stop. The fish tank explodes. A gun was in the tank along with the diver. Tony plead guilty to quite a few charges involving Charlie’s death. The little girl has now gone completely back to normal.

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