Elementary S02, Ep22 – Paint it Black

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 22
Title: Paint it Black
Original Air Date: May 1, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Call me back and let me know you’re ok.

* Sherlock: Is that what you think she is? A simple counterbalance?
Mycroft: I think she’s the person you love most in the world.

* Mycroft: As you can see, my brother’s a deductive genius. His prowess is not to be underestimated. He can be the instrument of your salvation or your demise.

* Sherlock: He may have more information than he knows he does, it’s a common affliction.

* Sherlock: She’s a trained detective, you’re a buffoon.

* Sherlock: Now, you stand between me and the recovery of someone whom I care for with all the depth I’m capable of mustering. She’s remarkable in ways that you could never imagine. I would trade your life for hers without a moment’s thought.

* Joan: If you want your cousin to live take him to the hospital, otherwise keep him here and watch him die.

Synopsis: Mycroft is leaving his restaurant. His phone rings and it’s Joan. But it’s not Joan on the phone. Sherlock keeps trying to reach her with no luck. Mycroft arrives and Sherlock’s distressed. Joan awakes tied up. The man who kidnapped her is talking with another man. The kidnapper tells Joan that a deal has been struck for her release. Sherlock, meanwhile, is beyond furious and Mycroft and nearly strangles him. Mycroft spins a tale for Sherlock to try and appease him. They share some extremely terse words. Mycroft tells Sherlock the details of deal he struck for Joan’s release. Sherlock lays down a strict set of rules. They need to track down a specific man, so they two go to his place of work. Sherlock lays out some deductions and gets full cooperation. The two are given full access to Norman’s office. He finds a plant with a fake bottom. It contains a video game. Joan is still save with the captors. One of his employees was shot. Joan volunteers to help. Joan tells them they need to operate or he will die. Sherlock and Mycroft exit the building and two cars pull up on them. It’s the NSA. The credit union is believed to be funding terrorist groups. The adjourn the meeting. Bell calls Sherlock to check on Joan. Sherlock then destroys both their phones. Back at the brownstone, Sherlock takes a closer look the video game. Norman plays quite a large number of hours with the same player. Sherlock has logged in as him. Mycroft finally takes a moment to apologize about Joan’s kidnapping. Myrcoft receives another threat. Later, Sherlock wakes Mycroft. The user online is actually Norman’s boyfriend. They met through an app. The pictures in his office match the profile photo. Sherlock now knows where he is. Back at the warehouse, Joan has saved the man who was shot, at least for the time being. At the house, Sherlock picks the lock to gain entry. They follow the drag marks and Sherlock finds Norman dead and buried. He unburies him and brings him in the house. He deduces that Norman let his attacker in. He was killed by someone he knew. He finds a very interesting bug casing. It proves Norman has been dead at least a week. He was set up. Now they need to track down whoever had access to Norman’s computer. They call the head of security over and then Sherlock tazes him. He wakes up tied to a chair. They interrogate him and believe he’s the responsible party. He gets him to talk. Back at the warehouse, Joan checks on the patient. He’s in shock. The Frenchman tells Joan a different story then Myrcroft told Sherlock. It was all Mycroft’s idea. At the brownstone, Sherlock and Mycroft review the list. Sherlock calls the NSA agent. Mycroft tazes him before he can complete the call. He takes the flash drive form him and leaves. The captors come back for Joan because something has happened to the shooting victim. They want him to fix him. She can’t, and the Frenchman kills him. He gets a call, the exchange will happen. Sherlock goes straight to McNally of the NSA when he comes to. He tells McNally that he might have double crossed them all. Sherlock begs him for help. He doesn’t get any and goes to the NYPD. The group holding Joan is waiting under a bridge. Mycroft finally arrives. The trade is initiated. It goes south. The leader of the French gang tells his crew to kill Mycroft and Joan. Mycroft says “paint it black” and a team that he clearly works with kills the remaining bad guys.

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