Elementary S02, Ep21 – The Man with the Twisted Lip

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 21
Title: The Man with the Twisted Lip
Original Air Date: April 24, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: The fact that I am without peer is the biggest threat to my sobriety.

* Joan: It is a term of never use it again or I will kick you in your soft parts.

* Gregson: So you went looking for a missing person and came back with a cell full of heroin dealers?

* Sherlock: Did he take liberties with you?
Joan: I don’t even know what that means.

* Joan: Are you ok? You seem very normal since I told you about Mycroft. I expected more harassment.

* Sherlock: Watson and I routinely save lives and I cannot and will not get in the way of that.

* Joan: A bug that is literally a bug. It’s like something from a sci fi movie.

* Joan: Can’t we find a hacker collective that accepts cash?

* Sherlock (to Joan): I value you as a person.

Synopsis: Sherlock is at a meeting. Joan is waiting for Sherlock outside the meeting and hears someone crying. The crying woman’s sister is missing. Joan tells Sherlock they are going to help the woman. At the brownstone, he’s reluctant. Miss Hudson is there as well as Mycroft. Sherlock is quite unhappy that his brother is there. Sherlock and Mycroft both start fighting over Joan. The pair go to the missing woman’s house. Joan finds a card that she doesn’t recognize. Sherlock finds drugs, heroin specifically. Sherlock calls the number. He plans to set up a sting. Gregson is shocked at the outcome. Bell interviews one of them and is surprised to learn that Page is missing. Mycroft and Joan are at his restaurant. He starts hitting on Joan again. She returns home to find Sherlock listening to the music that the missing woman Page created. Sherlock wakes Joan up with breakfast and then questions her about Mycroft. He then tells her about a reference in a hidden track. They visit the spot in the park. Sherlock goes silent. It’s not because of Mycroft and Joan though. He found a guitar. The two follow the footprints. Joan finds her body. Sherlock finds a body as well. Page was most likely killed because she witnessed a murder. The team interviews the dead man’s therapist. He doesn’t help much. The two go to the dead man’s place of work. They learn of a previous roommate who he was in a legal battle with. Sherlock goes to visit Mycroft. Mycroft turns it on him and tells him he’s preventing Joan from being happy. At the brownstone, Sherlock tells Joan that he saw Mycroft. He admits she is why he went there. But the visit made Sherlock think that Mycroft is a criminal. Joan yells at him, he hears a bee and catches it under a glass. But it’s not an insect it’s a machine. It’s been following them since they found the dead man. He’s deduced that both of them were killed by drones. At the station, they go over evidence again. Joan finds cryptic notes on some articles that belonged to the dead man. It seems to link back to drones and his previous employer. Joan takes off for lunch, most likely with Mycroft. Joan does have lunch with Mycroft. She lets him down easy. But informs him she plans to get her own place. If that happens then she might be able to date Mycroft. But Joan sees the criminal that Sherlock saw in the restaurant again and takes a picture. Now there are two confirmed French criminals in his restaurant. Sherlock found evidence that the dead man’s therapist was being paid by his previous employer. The therapist gets brought back in and raked over the coals. They get him to talk about what happened. In the room is another little, tiny metal bug. It bites him and injects him with poison. He dies before help arrives. Sherlock and Joan thinks everything links back to the bad drone incident and the drone company trying to cover it up. Joan proposes a bluff. Sherlock sends a message via the bug drone. Outside the office of the drone company Joan keeps watch. The COO shows up to meet Sherlock. Joan gets in the building and then plays a trick on the receptionist to sneak in. She breaks into the COO’s office while he sits on a bench with Sherlock. She finds a secret compartment with a safe inside it. Joan calls him and starts reading the report to him. At the brownstone, Joan tells Sherlock how it all resolved. Carlson was behind all of it. Joan then invites him to join her and Mycroft. She heads to the restaurant alone. Mycroft seems to be missing so she texts him. She looks around while she waits and sees the French criminals again. At the brownstone, Sherlock climbs a ladder and hides some heroin in a book. Joan follows the criminal out of the restaurant. He locks something in a compartment on a motorcycle and it’s a picture of her. He then kidnaps her.

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