Elementary S02, Ep20 – No Lack of Void

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 20
Title: No Lack of Void
Original Air Date: April 10, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: First blush, I’d say he died from Anthrax.

* Joan: Do you want to tell me why you broke into a suspicious truck alone?

* Sherlock: His death has blindsided me and it bothers me that it bothers me.
Joan: He was your friend.

* Joan: Hypocrisy happens.
Sherlock: What about sudden stupidity? Does that also just happen?

* Sherlock: I’m no closer to using than I was yesterday. If I was I would tell you.

* Sherlock: According to his wife, Eugene learned some things in prison. Let’s see how you fair.

Synopsis: Joan comes downstairs and Sherlock is learning a new accent. He has a breakfast with Alistair. Joan goes to the station to return some files to Marcus, but instead finds the Captain with a prisoner needing medical assistance. She takes his pulse and he’s dead. Something is very wrong. Sherlock meets them at the hospital. The autopsy came back with a bag of Anthrax in his stomach that ruptured. At the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock go over security videos of the victim. Joan asks how his breakfast went. It did not, Alistair died of a heart attack. They’ve figured out where he got the Anthrax. The man is Charlie Simon. He’s a high-end thief. They go to his house and learn some details from his roommate. Joan checks the mail and finds a storage unit. It turns out to be the lab. They find Mercer dead in the unit as well. He made an extreme amount of Anthrax, and now it’s missing. Gregson briefs everyone at the station. Sherlock visits Alistair’s partner and gives him his condolences. Bell and Joan go out to the farm to visit the brother of the victim. They get a possible location. As Sherlock stakes out the house, he gets paid a visit by the ghost of Alistair. Two people exit the house with cases and load them into a truck. Sherlock breaks into the truck and finds the cases. They attack Sherlock and he gets covered in the powder. At the hospital, Sherlock is professing that it wasn’t Anthrax. Joan is furious. Gregson confirms it’s not anthrax. Gregson, Sherlock and Watson interview one of the suspects. At the house, Joan gets a call from Gregson, the trap is set. The doorbell rings and it’s a man looking for Sherlock. It’s Jeremy, Alistair’s son. He tells Joan that Alistair did not die of a heart attack. He died of a massive heroin overdose. They talk about what happened. Gregson calls and tells them the meet is off as the suspect is dead. His brother killed him. At the station, he tells them what happened. At the brownstone, Joan is not finding anything in the files. Sherlock has found that the dead man was also married. His widow gives a different picture of him. Once again Alistair’s death is discussed. Joan mentions that the brothers farm was close to going out of business. The four of them head back out to the farm. His cow insurance would give him millions if the entire herd was wiped out. They lay out the entire plan. The anthrax was found at his mother’s house. Sherlock visits Alistair’s grave. His ghost visits him again. They chat and he says goodbye.

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