Bones S01, Ep21 – The Solider on the Grave

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 21
Title: The Soldier on the Grave
Original Air Date: May 10, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Bones: I know you think he’s a good man. That’s enough for me.

* Bones: I’m your partner. Let me be your partner.

* Booth: Want me to guess your weight?
Bones: You do and you could lose a tooth.

* Bones: No, it’s my job to solve a murder, yours too.

* Angela: Men aren’t like us. They are more fragile and needy.

* Angela: So this was more than a friendly fire incident?
Booth: Yeah a hell of a lot more.

* Booth: People surprise you.
Bones: That hasn’t always been my experience.

* Booth: It’s never just the one person who dies, Bones, never, never.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth are at a military cemetery. Booth is quite upset. A burned body sits on the grave of Charlie Kent. Not far away, Booth finds the grave of one of his squad members. At the lab, Zack and Goodman talk about Kent. Hodgins tells Booth that the dead man was military. Angela ID’s the body as one of Kent’s squad mates. Bones determines he was murdered and then lit on fire. The pair drive to meet the deceased mother. Bones is worried that it is affecting Booth. At the VA Hospital to talk to another member of the squad. He’s not doing too well. Bones snagged a cigarette butt to get his DNA. In the lab, Hodgin’s and Angela argue over the war. The two speak with Kent’s squad leader. He tells them what happened when Kent died. In Bones’ office, she and Angela talk. Zack enters with all the military records. There are a lot of gaps and no autopsy was done. Bones wants to exhume Charles Kent and she succeeds. At the lab, Hodgins’ tries to comfort Booth. Booth talks to Jimmy. He gets him to tell him what happened. Zack’s X-rays show six rounds still in Kent’s body. Hodgins’s apologizes to Angela for earlier. Booth interviews Campbell. She tells her version of what happened as well. He then speaks with Lefferts. His story sounds different than the rest. Booth finds all the stories to be too consistent and suspects something. Bones starts removing the bullets from Kent’s body. Booth sees the bullets aren’t from an AK47 but an M14. He died by friendly fire. Lefferts is the only one who had an M14 and was the one who killed Kent. They go to talk to him and find he has hung himself and left a confession of the shooting. But he’s not the one who killed Devan. At Booth’s office, they get paid a visit by Mr. Kent. All he wants is the truth. They revisit the Captain and he is evasive. At the lab, they determine that there was a cover up of the friendly fire. Angela reconstructs the scene. Bones determined that no one was armed, the weapons were planted on them. Booth confronts the Captain about it. He tries to arrest him. The military police arrive and arrest him. Bones and Zack determine that the killer has medical training. Booth thinks of Campbell. She comes up with a lame excuse. Booth and Bones attend Devan’s funeral. Booth tells Bones about Kosovo and a man he had to kill. He executed him at his son’s birthday party. She comforts him.

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