Criminal Minds S01, Ep18 – Somebody’s Watching

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 18
Title: Somebody’s Watching
Original Air Date: March 29, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.” – Diane Arbus

* Gideon: “An American has no sense of privacy. He does not know what it means. There is no such thing in the country.” – George Bernard Shaw

Synopsis: Reid takes Gideon to an art show in L.A. being run by an old classmate. Lila, an actress, enters and Spencer is smitten. They chat. Gideon chats with Lila’s friend who is the artist. She makes a pass at Gideon. He demands to leave. AT the LAPD Reid talks about the case. We see a woman whose house gets invaded. A man who knows her comes home and finds her shot in the head. The killer hasn’t left and kills him too. As Gideon and Reid prepare to leave the man they were training gets a call. It’s about the double murder. He asks for their help. They analyze the scene. The whole team comes out to join them. When they arrive they give the profile. After an agent for a movie start and the client come in. A threat has been made against her. It’s Lila. The team interviews her. She freaks out and leaves, Reid goes after her. The team delivers an updated profile. They have to figure out a way to keep her safe as she does not want her life interrupted. Gideon becomes worried about her manager. Reid stays on set to keep an eye on Lila. Hotch, Elle and Gideon find her agent dead. Gideon calls Reid and tells him the manager is dead. They take Lila home. Reid goes over safety procedures with her. She receives a collage. Morgan leads a team to the photographers and he is clearly obsessed. Reid’s in a lot of the photos and he might be targeted too. As Morgan exits someone on a motorcycle shoots at him and the LAPD officer, the officer gets shot. Garcia’s search shows that Lila has never publicly told anyone her favorite flower, so it’s someone she is close with. Back at Lila’s she goes for a swim and freaks out Reid. She tricks him and pulls him in. And then she kisses him. He tells her the truth about her manager being dead. They get out of the pool and Reid tries to dry off. Morgan arrests the photographer. Back in the house, Gideon takes the blame for withholding the information from Lila. What she says triggers something in Reid’s brain and he starts seeing things in the collage. He dismantles the collage to create the individual photos, from college to now. They question his classmate about the collage. The art came from Maggie Low. They call Reid and give her the name. Lila knows Maggie. Maggie calls her. Reid calls Garcia to get a trace. Maggie tells her about a night when the heat went out and how that was her happiest moment. Garcia tells Reid that Maggie is in the house. They search the house, while Garcia sends back up. But Maggie finds them first. Maggie is armed and Reid tries to distract her. It distracts her enough that he can get the gun. He comforts her instead of shooting her. Reid and Lila say their goodbyes. Back at the office, Morgan tells Reid he was Lila’s hero.

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