Elementary S02, Ep15 – Corpse de Ballet

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 15
Title: Corpse de Ballet
Original Air Date: February 6, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: And her last name is?
Sherlock: Probably quite lovely.

* Joan: You know you went a little fanboy back there.

* Sherlock: Someone at the house you went to was a chimney.

* Joan: I’m beginning to think you like it when women smash your cameras.

Synopsis: Joan comes downstairs to find Sherlock locked in a room with Tatiana. When she exits Joan offers her coffee. At a ballet practice the lead prima ballerina makes her appearance for the rehearsal. As part of the set is lowered down a dead body falls out. Sherlock and Joan join Captain Gregson at the ballet. He tells them the cameras were disabled. They see the corpse. It’s cut in half. She was dead before she was cut in half. Joan announces cause of death. They find Marcus backstage at the actual spot of the murder. The tool used was a box cutter. It belonged to the prima. It was one of her tools for repairing her shoes. Outside, Joan and Sherlock wait for Bell. However, Joan gets called away to assist with a situation with someone from her friend’s charity. The person is in the hospital but he’s not mentally fit. She takes down all the information he can give her. Sherlock and Bell go talk to the dead woman’s ex. He has an alibi. Gregson learns the ballerina was wrong about her house keeper. She comes in with her lawyer and cooperates. They arrest her for the murder when she informs them she’s going to Montreal. Joan gets to the station later that night. She’s tracked down the friend of the man she was called to help. The next morning Sherlock has another guest. But it’s Iris, the prima ballerina and murder suspect. He informs Joan that she was just using him to get information. She has a torn rotator cuff. He’s eliminated her as a suspect. As a result of their get together, she’s giving him full access to her legal files. Sherlock meets with her lawyer. While he allows Sherlock access to the files, but he can’t take them from the office. Joan speaks with the woman who had an incident with Frebo. It turns out she is his sister. Her brother has severe PTSD and isn’t coping well. She tells his sister she will keep looking for him. She then meets with Sherlock and he comments on the smoke she reeks of. They go to meet with a photographer who she sued. He gives them more details about Iris. Bell calls. At the station, he has a thumb drive. There is an audio message. Iris was having an affair with Nell, the murder victim. When they question Iris she confirms she was with Nell. She used Nell. Iris actually had feelings for Nell. Sherlock thinks her phone has been cloned. The photographer put it on there. He admits to the spyware. He was planning to put video cameras in Nell’s apartment to get footage of their affair. It’s his alibi for the murder. At the brownstone, Sherlock informs Joan than the alibi is confirmed. Sherlock has analyzed the recording. It’s a recording of a recording. He asks Joan why she is so obsessed with this homeless man. She talks of her birth father. He has issues and has been homeless since she was 3 years old. Her “father” is actually her step-father and he adopted her and her siblings. He’s homeless and lives in New York. That’s why she volunteers, so she can see him. She hasn’t seen him in almost two years. Joan finds the man she is helping at the shelter. He recounts his friends kidnapping. He’s holding his friend’s things. Based on the pictures the “sister” she met is not his sister. Sherlock meets with Iris’s lawyer. He recorded the message. He lays out a plan that he thinks the lawyer enacted. He’s also hidden Iris away. Joan arrives at Rachel’s house with the police. They have a search warrant. The basement door is padlocked. They break it to find three men downstairs. Rachel and her husband held them captive and were taking their benefit checks. At the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock discuss Iris and her situation. It gives Sherlock an idea. Sherlock visits Iris’s lawyer in a bathroom with the Captain. It turns out while he was underbilling Iris, he was overbilling others. In the search they found the hard drive stolen from the ballet center. They dropped all the charges against Iris and arrest the lawyer. Back at the brownstone, Joan is watching footage of Iris speaking about Nell. Sherlock comes in with blankets and offers to go to the park with Joan to give them out to the homeless.

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