The Curse of Oak Island S04, Ep14 – Sticks and Stones

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 4
Episode: 14
Title: Sticks and Stones
Original Air Date: February 14, 2017

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Synopsis: The brothers look at all the timbers brought up from the third hole. It appears that it’s just been clay since those timbers were brought up. They are at around 120 feet depth at this point. This grab brings up a circular piece of wood. A wedge of wood is also brought up. A rainstorm hits and they can continue to work in the rain. Lightning starts and the crew is forced to shut down operations because of all the metal. The brothers take all their finds over to Dan’s house to get his opinion on them. Marty shows him the round log and asks if it could be one of the original logs found on the ten foot platforms. Dan holds his opinion until the carbon dating comes back. Rick, Charles and Jack take a couple of stonemasons to see Nolan’s Cross. The rock they show them is the one that is carved like a face. They determine it is sandstone. A second rock is shown to the masons. It’s the granite stone at the bottom of the cross. The two are speechless and believe it’s been altered by humans. The bottom is extremely smooth and it would have to have been drug a long distance to achieve that. The team meets later that night in the war room to discuss the carbon testing results. Results are from the 1600’s, including the round oak log. This round log is not the kind of material that any previous treasure hunter has used. It has to be from the original money pit. The storm has cleared enough that the money pit dig and bore hole T1 has resumed. Wood is not coming up anymore, just clay. The can is at 148 feet and so is the excavation. They are anticipating wood on this hammer grab, but it’s only clay. The next grab is only clay as well. The brothers are very confused that they are only getting clay. They’ve hit a wall, so to speak. The excavator teeth have hit something that may be metal and has brought them to a halt. They try to break though and the hammer grab brings up slate. It may be the bedrock. It is bedrock and this hole is terminated. Marty and Rick are both disappointed. Marty wants to quit and Charles gives him a pep talk. Back at the war room they regroup and call Craig and update him. Marty wants to give up on the money pit, but Rick won’t let him cry “Uncle!” Craig is on board for a fourth bore hole. Marty does not want Rick to have regrets, so they decide on a fourth hole. Rick gets to pick the fourth hole location. Rick already knows where he wants to dig. He wants to chase the debris field of a tunnel implosion during a dig in the late 1800’s. Marty likes his logic as well. Rick pays him a tribute. The next day Rick tells Andrew about the fourth hole and gives him the location of the hole. They mark it and label it GAL1. Andrew gets the equipment moved to dig the new hole. The excavating casing is swung into place.

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