The Curse of Oak Island S04, Ep12 – Hyde Park and Go Seek

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 4
Episode: 12
Title: Hyde Park and Go Seek
Original Air Date: January 31, 2017

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iTunes The Curse of Oak Island, Season 4 – The Curse of Oak Island

Synopsis: Rick and Alex are still at the Roosevelt Library doing research. The Marie Antoinette crown jewels theory is discussed. Before heading back to the island Rick video chats with Marty and gives him a summary of what he saw and researched. Rick goes to visit Zena. The documentation and the new map she presented via video conference is discussed. In person, she shows them her research and also tells about the book she is writing about the Templars. Rick is shocked that the story of Oak Island could go back 1,000 years, but it’s still just a theory. Back on the island the focus is Smith’s Cove. They have a new coffer dam contractor and will try again to inflate it. It successfully inflates and they begin searching for the box drain system. As they excavate they find coconut fiber. Dan Henske is picking where they dig. But Jack halts everything quite excitedly. He has spotted wood that is blackened. They’ve asked Charles Barkhouse to come down and take a look. Another board has also been found. The team doesn’t know where to drill next in the money pit so they go to Dan’s house to look through his massive collection of data. Based on the data the brothers think that the holes they have drilled so far have just barely missed. Craig decides on the third drill hole. He’s trying to thread the needle and not hit previous drill shafts.

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