Elementary S02, Ep13 – All in the Family

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 13
Title: All in the Family
Original Air Date: January 9, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: The mob was like a soap opera.

* Sherlock: Did you collect these people’s trading cards as a child?

* Sherlock: I was right, not one day in prison.

* Sherlock: I’m not a deranged lunatic, but by all means keep pushing me.

* Sherlock: Not true of course, the truth is much stranger.

* Joan: He told you Deputy DeSilva, Bell’s new boss, is dirty?

* Sherlock: We should know the truth before we decide, don’t you agree?

Synopsis: Sherlock looks at the leg of a suspect at the station. Joan lays out everything he has stolen from a museum. The suspect has a false leg that has a hidden compartment. He uses it to smuggle items out. Bell is in his new job and he is assigned a case and gets to do field work. He’s got to go to an oil recycling company. Bell and his partner get a tour of the recycling company. Bell examines some of the barrels. He finds one barrel is stuffed with a homicide victim. Gregson meets Bell there, along with Sherlock and Joan. Joan takes a closer look at the body and realizes she recognizes him. He’s been missing for 20 plus years. Mr. Padilla identifies his son’s body in the morgue. Sherlock pays a visit to the Demographics Unit. He doesn’t get the information he hopes to. But he also offers his services to the unit head as well. Bell and Sherlock have a little dust up. Back at the brownstone Joan is studying files, when she calls for Sherlock, he appears look as if he’s been cutting up a body. Joan has picked out a suspect. Then paints quite a picture. The two head to the suspect’s house and go through his garbage. They confront him. He gets in his car to leave and it explodes. Gregson is worried that a mob war is going to be triggered. Inside, Sherlock finds a small piece of the skull. Sherlock finds out that the NSA gave this hitman the information he used to track down and kill Handsome Bobby. Joan runs into Bell at the station. When he tells Joan about Sherlock’s plan she is shocked. Joan arrives at the brownstone to find Sherlock exploding bombs. Joan confronts him about the time-sharing plan. The argue but his phone goes off and stops them cold. Sherlock goes to a building under construction. He meets with the same guy from the NSA. He reveals that those materials were requested by a cop. The request came from Demographics unit chief. At the brownstone, Joan and Sherlock discuss DeSilva and the possibility he is corrupt. They ask Bell to come over and he’s not amused. As Bell leaves Sherlock goes after him. They have a major fight. Joan and Sherlock visit Mr. Ferrera, one of the mob bosses. He does tell them about a packet that was sent to Dante, it was not requested. He denies being involved. Bell follows up with DeSilva about the tip. At the brownstone, Joan thinks the pizza has finally arrived, but it’s Bell. He tells them that he questioned DeSilva about the tip. Bell also brought proof that DeSilva is dirty. DeSilva was a good cop and that’s how he rose to the top, but something happened to tip him to the mob. Sherlock thinks his goal was to start a mob war. In Demographics Bell gives DeSilva some news about the case. DeSilva calls Pardilla, he’s on a boat. DeSilva has a gun with a silencer. Bell is heard over a loudspeaker and DeSilva is arrested and so is Pardilla. In Gregson’s office, he thanks Sherlock for straightening out the situation with Bell. As they pass each other they nod.

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