Numb3rs S01, Ep08 – Identity Crisis

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Title: Identity Crisis
Original Air Date: April 1, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Don: Did I actually put the wrong guy in jail?

* Charlie: There’s a 4.9% chance that this is a coincidence.

* Larry: This is a real murder case. You’ve demonstrated the identification could be wrong, but not that it is wrong.

* Don: So is this math or logic?
Charlie: Same thing.

Synopsis: David, Charlie, Don and some other guys are playing poker at the house. Baseball gets brought up and Charlie volunteers Don to play on the FBI team. At a crime scene, Don, Terry and David are on scene. This death looks similar to several others they have seen. At the office, Don and Terry start breaking down the new case. Don pops into the house looking for Charlie. He begs him to look at a file to help him on this case. Back at the murder scene, large amounts of money are found hiding in various places around the house. They speak to a neighbor. He heard an argument around the time of death that was so loud it drowned out is opera music. They get told about an electrician and go to interview him. Terry and Don head over to Charlie’s office. He found out that the dead man was running a ponzi scheme using spoofing emails. Don asks Charlie to analyze his evidence. They bring in the dead man’s girlfriend. She admits that she gave him the list of email because she was being blackmailed. The neighbor identifies the electrician as being there that morning. Don and David go after the electrician and are forced to give chase. Don goes back and re-interviews the original suspect that he had convicted. He then goes and interviews the subject’s wife. He doesn’t believe that he did it. Back at the FBI office, Charlie has questions about a line up. Don goes back and talks to the first victim’s husband. Charlie and Amita are working in his office and Larry comes to visit. Terry interviews the witness again. She identifies the electrician as the murderer this time. A new print identification is done. It still points to the original suspect. Charlie questions the print expert. He gets a short lesson, but then gives her one on interpretation of shape. She’s able to prove it’s not Salazar’s print because a characteristic on this print his not on any of his prints. At the house, Larry brings up a good point. Charlie goes out to talk with Don about the case. Don and David go back to the batting cage and question people again. Don and David go to a school and see the school crest. They realize the school is the link. The music teacher has been replaced by a sub for the last week. The team storms the music teacher’s apartment but find him gone. He did leave prints though. They learn he’s a bad guy who’s committed murders for the Serbian Army. Both suspects are innocent. A special FBI team thinks they found him, but it was someone who bought the credit card off him. Charlie makes a connection to the suspect and the opera. He’s spotted at the opera. He starts to run. Don tackles him and his is arrested. The first victim’s husband confirms that his wife knew this suspect. She was having an affair with him. Don visits Cliff Hughes and tells him that he was wrongly convicted. He apologizes to him. He gets releases from prison. Don watches him reunite with his wife and child. Don is at the batting cage and Charlie tells him he’s analyzed his minor league batting stats.

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