Elementary S02, Ep12 – The Diabolical Kind

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: The Diabolical Kind
Original Air Date: January 2, 2014

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Favorite Quotes:

* Joan: So all of this is in the name of science?

* Joan: I’m a detective. You didn’t show me these letters. You hid them in a beehive.

* Moriarty: You look a bit tired.
Sherlock: You look a bit evil.

* Joan: Is that why you’ve been writing him? You want to figure him out?

* Joan: Nothing crazy people do surprises me.

* Sherlock (re M): I suppose I had hoped she could undergo a metamorphosis of her own.

Synopsis: Joan informs Sherlock she’s off to a coffee date. Sherlock is sitting in the chair in his beekeeping suit. He’s on the roof, smoking the beehives, and removes a case of letters. He writes to Moriarty. We then see Moriarty, she’s painted a portrait of Joan. A group men clad in black and heavily armed break into a house and kill a man. They then wake up a little girl in bed and kidnap her. Gregson, Sherlock and Joan go over the crime scene. A call comes in to the child’s mother. The ransom amount is $50 million. Sherlock recognizes the voice, it’s Moriarty. Sherlock tells Gregson. At the brownstone, Sherlock shows Joan all of the letters. Sherlock gets a call from Gregson, they have approval to see Moriarty. She has been moved to a Navy base. Joan sees the portrait and is shocked. Gregson informs Moriarty of why they are there. She says it’s not her group. But Sherlock informs her that it was the same man she had call him. We see the little girl. One of the kidnappers is trying to play cribbage with her. At the station Joan and Sherlock discuss Moriarty. Moriarty and her prison guard walk into the station. She’s been granted a favor and will assist. They agree. She gives a sketch of the man who did the kidnapping and sketches she’s made of the captors. Now she wants access to the crime scene. Joan volunteers to babysit her. Joan and Moriarty have quite the conversation. She returns to the brownstone and Sherlock is having a conversation on the phone in another language. He’s upset because none of the names or faces they were given can be identified or verified. Joan suggests they go back over the evidence. Joan tells him of her concerns. A pair of officers are called to a scene, one was looking at the sketches on his phone. They find a man who appears drunk. It’s an ambush and both officers re shot. One of the cops is able to shoot one of them. But the other escapes with the knowledge his photo is being spread around. The dead man is one of the men Moriarty sketched. In the morgue, Gregson is upset. Sherlock determines they wanted to see the sketches on the officer’s phone. Sherlock confronts Moriarty and that she hid messages in the sketches. He completely loses his temper and she is shocked. The captor calls Gregson. Sherlock immediately ends Moriarty’s consultancy. At the brownstone, they’ve gathered that she was passing numbers through the sketches. Sherlock had the last two weeks’ worth of Ledgers gathered to analyze them for codes. He analyzes the message in the paper. In her cell, Moriarty begins her escape by attacking the one guard who interacts with her. Based on Sherlock’s code breaking in the paper, the kidnapped child is Moriarty’s daughter. At the location they are keeping the child, shots ring out. Devon safeguards her and goes out to check on the situation. Moriarty is there and she kills each of them. In her cell, Gregson lays out her escape. Sherlock informs Gregson that she has gone to fetch her daughter. Moriarty calls her and tells him where to find her. He arrives. She is sitting waiting for him. She tells him the little girl is safe. They have a very strange conversation. He carries her out of the building. Later, in front of the fire, Sherlock is visibly upset. Instead of throwing the letters in the fire he puts them back in the box in the beehive.

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