Criminal Minds S01, Ep16 – The Tribe

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Title: The Tribe
Original Air Date: March 8, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Hotch: “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Synopsis: In New Mexico some teenagers are partying in an empty house. One heads upstairs to the bathroom. But she actually holds the candle to a window, then sneaks downstairs and opens the back door. She walks outside and is kidnapped. We see a knife in the air. At the BAU Garcia and Elle notice a cute guy. It’s Hotch’s brother, Sean. He informs Hotch he’s not going to college, he would rather be a chef. All the ladies are enjoying the view as Sean storms off. JJ informs the team of the massacre in New Mexico. The team arrives on the scene. Reid posits that the kids were skinned alive. Reid believes that each act committed was an act of war by native americans. They go to the reservation to ask Blackwolf some questions. They take him to the scene. Blackwolf states that what was done was a mixture of multiple tribes war rituals. No true native American would ever combine them. They deliver the profile to the local police. After the sheriff alerts them to some other possibilities. The team talks with and then discuss Minten. Garcia calls and has tracked down the missing girl, Ingrid. Her dad is interviewed. He doesn’t behave normally. The father does a TV appeal. The kidnappers call in and reveal that they were hired by the father to kidnap her. They turn themselves in. Both get interviewed and provide the same story. Now they put her father in the hot seat. Reid talks to Ingrid, but she is uncooperative. She just repeats her named and social security number. The sheriff pops in and tells Gideon that Minten checks out, he did not do it. Hotch asks Greisson how long his daughter has been in a cult. The officer watching the Minten’s house get attacked and so do the Minten’s. They are all dead. The father is questioned again. He gives them a few words that were programmed into her by the cult leader. Ingrid is brought to the most recent murder scene. Blackwolf gives her the tour. They get her to reveal some important information, the location where the group is staying. Garcia also found a suspect, Jackson Calley. Blackwolf speaks of an abandoned hotel in the deadlands and they head there. They only find Jackson Calley. Hotch interviews him. Calley antagonizes Blackwolf. Back at the station, Elle announces that all Minten’s weapons were stolen. Now he’s trying to start a war. The cult members enter the school, but the kids are safely out of harm’s way. One by one Hotch and Blackwolf take out the cult members. Blackwolf is fighting with one as two storm in with guns. Hotch shoots one and the other gives up. Hotch turns up in New York to see his brother and apologize.

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