Ghost Mine S02, Ep08 – Supercharging the Supernatural

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: Supercharging the Supernatural
Original Air Date: October 23, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Stan: What the hell is that?
Patrick: It’s a Tesla Coil.

* Patrick: This place is still charged so it still has the energy to manifest.

* Bucket: If this is able to harm us, why are we giving it more energy? Why were we giving ammunition to our enemy?
Kristen: Bucket, we weren’t trying to make anything worse. We need to figure out what we’re dealing with.

* Stan: Whoa, that sounds like that growl Eddie and I heard last year.

* Mikey: It’s time to miner up. Let’s do this. Come on.

* Jamol: I don’t mean to feel like a chicken but there’s something in that hole.

* Patrick: Is something playing with us out here?
Kristen: I don’t know.

Synopsis: Mikey runs out of the mine yelling about the fire. He and Eddie rush in with extinguishers and put out the fire. They are able to save Dingus and Jamol. The next day everyone is eating in the food shack. Due to the fire Stan is putting everyone back on the standard shift, no more split shifts. Dingus figures out a hydraulic leak started the fire. Kirsten and Patrick arrive back at the mine. They are shocked to find out about everything that happened in the short time they were gone. The guys get back to work but the jackleg stops working. It turns out the water tank has run dry. Patrick and Kirsten come up with a plan to try and figure out what’s going on. They’ve got a Tesla Coil. The plan is to put it in the mine where the guys have been working. It will produce 500,000 volts of electricity. The coil is set in place and powered up. While it’s up and running Kristen sees a shadow figure move through several cameras. They decide to investigate and immediately unplug the coil and then remove it. They start an investigation with an EVP session. Patrick hears a noise and they follow it to investigate it. There’s more noises. Kristen hears a growling sound. The next morning everyone meets in the cook shack to catch everyone up. Kirsten tells them about the massacre at Hell’s Canyon and what happened on their trip. Patrick shows them the thermal video of the blur going across the screen. They move onto the Tesla Coil. They show the video from the Tesla Coil experiment. Jay tells them that was what he saw go by him in the past. Then they play an EVP of a growl. After the meeting the miners head back into the mine. Kristen continues researching the Chinese miners. She meets with John Young. He tells her that every mining ghost town will have a Chinese presence. He tells her a story about a group of ranchers who chased 18 Chinese miners because they believed they stole cattle. The miners sought refuge in a cabin and the ranchers burned them to death in it. He gives her directions to where it happened. Back at the mine the raising up continues successfully. She picks up Patrick and gear and they head out looking for the site where the miners were murdered. At the mine the dust has finally settled. There is a lot more muck than they were expecting. The explosion has revealed another drift. Jamol is sent up the ladder to investigate the hole. He hears sounds that no one else does, including a growl. Kristen and Patrick are still at the possible massacre site. They do an EVP session. Kristen thinks she might hear an animal. Kristen informs Patrick the temperature is rapidly dropping. Kirsten screams and tells Patrick that something touched her. The motion detector starts going off. Kristen gets touched again. They pack up and head back to the mine. A new RIPA is at the mine. It’s going to go up into the new space. Once RIPA is up in the new hole it takes off a life of its own.

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