Elementary S02, Ep09 – On The Line

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 9
Title: On The Line
Original Air Date: November 21, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Drag the river beneath this spot, you’ll find the gun.

* Sherlock: I think we have a different definition of the word obvious.

* Joan: If he didn’t kill Allie than why plan ahead to beat the polygraph?

* Sherlock: We know about the bomb Mr. Bunch. The one you strapped to her ankle.

* Sherlock: Yours was not a perfect crime.

* Sherlock: I’m curious, did you come here to scare us tonight? Or are you just being a good predator?
Joan: How many others have there been?

* Gregson: Let me tell you what’s good for morale. Holmes closes cases more and faster than anyone I’ve ever seen.

* Sherlock: Samantha Warbash gave her life to do that and I undid her sacrifice.

* Sherlock: I’m having difficulty imagining what circumstances would waylay a mother who has waited 8 years to see justice for her daughter.

* Sherlock: You don’t want your employees to know you’ve repeatedly abducted, raped, and murdered young victims.

* Joan: Actually, I think you showed great restraint by not beating him to death.

* Sherlock: I consider you exceptional so I make an exceptional effort to accommodate you.

* Joan: You must accept for that as long as you choose to be a part of my life there will occasionally be fall out from my behavior.

Synopsis: A woman is on a bridge. She points a gun at her face, it has a weight attached to it. She pulls the trigger and the gun is pulled into the water. Sherlock is called to scene of the bridge. Gregson tells them they have arrested someone for her murder. He tells Sherlock and Watson of how the victim’s sister murdered. Sherlock informs them that she committed suicide. He points out wire scratches. At the station the suspect takes a polygraph. It gets cut short because the gun is found. Sherlock now suspects him to be a serial killer. Sherlock and Joan inform him he used tricks to beat the polygraph and they believe he did kill her sister. They bring in the detective who investigated the sister’s death. He doesn’t believe it was Bunch. Sherlock and the detective have a slight dispute. Gregson tells them to leave the detective alone. At the brownstone Joan defends the detective. Joan is watching a video from the original case. Joan notices she is favoring her leg. He thinks that she had a bomb on her ankle, a fake bomb. Lucas Bunch shows up at the brownstone. Sherlock grabs a knife and invites him in. They confront him about the polygraph. Sherlock steers the conversation to the original murder. He lays out the murder. Bunch threatens them and leaves. The next day the detective is called in and is confronted about giving out Sherlock’s address. Joan informs him that Bunch killed others. He is a serial killer and he picks victims based on geography because he was a mover. He did not care about physical characteristics. Gregson now takes over running the case because they have found additional victims. One of the family’s gets interviewed. Gregson confronts the detective again at the bar. He threatens Gregson. Sherlock arrives back at the brownstone, he struck out in his interview. Sherlock asks her why she was upset today and she shows him a drawing making fun of them. They have a blow up because he doesn’t play nice with others. Joan gets a call from one of the victim’s husband. A member of his support group has a missing daughter and dated Bunch. Sherlock calls the woman. What she tells them fits his pattern. She also informs them of a second home. They decide to make the trip up. The mother doesn’t show up and when Sherlock calls Bunch answers. Sherlock calls 911 to get her help. They arrive to meet police. Cynthia confirms they did not speak to her and that she has no kids. Bunch arrives at his studio to find a bullet hole and Sherlock. He confronts him about catfishing the relatives of his victims. He upsets Sherlock enough that he punches him like a single stick. In Gregson’s office Sherlock is not being charged, but will be hit with a restraining order. Sherlock apologizes for falling into Bunch’s bait. Gregson pulls them from the case. Sherlock sits in front of the fire at the brownstone. Joan examines his hand and informs him he broke his finger. This discuss the case and the damage he’s done to it. He gets a strange text about a murder and they head to the scene. It’s another kidnapping. Bell asks why they are there and Sherlock shows him the phone and the message. Sherlock and Joan are asked to leave. Sherlock lifted a hairbrush with the kidnapped woman’s DNA. He plans to frame him. Upon arriving at the brownstone Sherlock informs Joan that he will be doing it alone. Joan tries to dissuade him. He realizes that the victims have to be kept close by. Gregson and Sherlock appear at Bunch’s studio, where he believes he is keeping her. There is a discrepancy on the blueprints. The search shows a locked space. Sherlock picks the lock and finds the kidnapped woman. But she tells him there is another woman in the space as well. It was one of the missing women. Mrs. Spaulding was held hostage the entire time she was missing. At the station Gregson makes an announcement regarding Sherlock and Watson. He thanks the good cops but puts everyone on notice, if they don’t like how he runs his prescient that they need not come back. At the brownstone Sherlock revisits the topic of being “nice.” He tells her he has no reason to play nicely with anyone other than her. That this will cause occasional fall out, but it is what it is.

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