Elementary S02, EP07 – The Marchioness

Show: Elementary
Season: 2
Episode: 7
Title: The Marchioness
Original Air Date: November 7, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: So you’ve become a horse pimp. How fitting, must be lucrative.

* Sherlock: The man has never met a cliché he didn’t have a head on collision with.

* Mycroft: I can’t believe I’m going to say this to a grown man. Your foods getting cold.

* Joan: I am uncomfortable around you and Mycroft together.

* Sherlock: It’s not the act itself that gives me pause, it’s that I can’t put it into context.

* Mycroft: You’ve just caught a mass murderer. People have been hunting for this guy for a decade. Well done and thank you.

* Joan: Fake fingerprints? Is that even possible?

Synopsis: We begin at an AA meeting. Sherlock actually shares. Mycroft then speaks up and Sherlock storms out. They argue. He invites Joan and Sherlock to dinner. Mycroft has a new restaurant in New York. At the new restaurant we meet Nigela, Mycroft’s previous fiancé who Sherlock bedded several times over. She is now a Marchioness. She explains that she was able to keep her title and a horse. Nigella tells of the horse and its stable hand and his murder. She wants Sherlock and Joan to investigate. Sherlock declines and leaves. Back at the brownstone Joan and Sherlock discuss Mycroft’s leukemia. Mycroft shows up at the house. They have words and Sherlock and Joan takes the case. They go out to the stables and get a rundown from the sheriff. They search a clearing. Sherlock finds only one tree that you would be able to climb. He dusts the branch for prints and finds some. The set is missing the ring finger from its left hand. They pair borrow some evidence from the sheriff. Bell comes in with information on the prints. The prints belong to someone who has committed 13 murders. The map has an impression 2501, it also happens to be the suite number that Nigella is staying in. Sherlock calls her to warn her that someone is going to make an attempt on her life. She is questioned by Bell and provides full access to her accounts. At the brownstone Mycroft is cooking a feast for Sherlock and Joan. Sherlock brings him up to speed on the case. Joan winds up dining with Mycroft with Sherlock in the next room. He finally has a bite. Sherlock notes that he made a link to a mafia man who technically owns Mariotta Farms. The mafia guy paid to have Silverblaze, the horse that Nigella owns, impregnate a horse yet he sold the foal. Sherlock finally joins them to eat but then freaks out. He confronts them about what happened between the two in London and Mycroft leaves. Joan scolds him. He finally gets the truth, Joan and Mycroft slept together. The three are in a car and head to another stable. Sherlock chooses to goad them about their dalliance. Sherlock realizes something about the foal. He asks for a meeting with Nigella. Sherlock informs her that Nutmeg is not the son of Silver Blaze. The horse she is pushing as Silver Blaze is an imposter. She admits that Silver Blaze died of heart failure. She bought the horses brother and made him look like him. Sherlock informs her the mafia man figured it out too. Sherlock and Joan watch an interview of a suspect. The witness is missing his ring finger, he’s the perpetrator. Sherlock and Joan take the new evidence to Captain Gregson. They set a trap for him. Bell busts him on a rooftop. Gregson interrogates him. Bell pulls him out. The finger prints don’t match. Mycroft tries to console the two. Sherlock believes he used false fingerprints. The next morning Sherlock pokes Joan’s bed to wake Joan and make sure Mycroft is not in it with her. He discusses a new lead with her. They are off to visit a retired sheriff. She tells them about a homeless drunk who was hung up on Strawdog Jed. He went missing and left 10 bottles of alcohol behind. She takes them to the area where he use to sleep. It’s now a park everything is the same age but one tree has grown more than the rest. Sherlock suspects that the missing man is buried there. As Gregson apologizes to the suspect to realize him he drops the bomb about Strawdog. At that time the suspect to confesses. Later, Mycroft arrives at the brownstone. Mycroft invites Joan to be his guest for his restaurant opening. She worries it will make things more complicated. He tells Joan he would like to become her friend. At the restaurant Sherlock and Mycroft inform Nigella they have taken care of her safety. Mycroft informs her she needs to stop the fraudulent stud fees but must return everyone’s money and it will be overseen by the two. Mycroft then asks her to leave so he can enjoy Sherlock’s company. They seem to have called a truce.

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