Ghost Mine S02, Ep05 – Ghosts of the Geiser Grand

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 5
Title: Ghosts of the Geiser Grand
Original Air Date: October 2, 2013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Patrick: There’s something here with us.

* Mikey: We got us a security guard. You don’t have to cry yourself to sleep every night.

* Jamol: I’m not worried about chasing ghosts. I’m worried about ghosts chasing us.

* Dingus: Duck, you really gonna eat that?
Duck: Yeah, why not?
Eddie: Duck’s got nothing to lose.

* Greybeard: The atrocities committed up here I doubt if they’d be documented. They really tried to keep that stuff under the carpet.

* Kristen: We’re trying to find out why there’s activity here.

* Jay: Are you saying there’s people buried up here? People who are unsettled in their graves?

Synopsis: Patrick and Kristen are still investigating at the Chinese Walls. As they conduct their EVP session they get activity. They conclude and head back to the mine. The next day Larry and Stan call a meeting about this trespasser. Larry has hired a security guard. The new vein they found they will be following using a technique called “raising up.” Instead of a horizontal shaft it’s vertical. Jamol and Jay hear something creepy and they exit. Kristen has done more research on the Geiser Grand and it may be haunted and connected to the mine. The two head back to the Geiser Grand and to try and investigate it. They get a tour from the current owner. In the cellar there are tunnels created for the Chinese to travel around. The Chinese miners were not allowed to walk the street. The pair are granted permission to do a paranormal investigation at the hotel. They start in the cellar with an EVP session. Kristen gets some small numbers. Then they hear something. It’s a thumping. Back at the mine everyone is gathered around the campfire. Stan gives the group a pep talk. Back at the Grand Kristen and Patrick continue investigating in the basement. They do get EMF readings. One of the motion sensors goes off as well. While down there they conduct an EVP session. When Patrick mentions the Crescent a glass falls and breaks. Kristen asks questions and they get an answer to one of them. In the area where card games were played Patrick lays out a deck of cards. They start hearing creaking again. They end their investigate and head back to camp. The next day the miners prepare to raise up. This is also the spot where they got EMF readings. The fuse is lit and the mine clears out. After the blast they begin mucking. For lunch Jamol has a Taco Tuesday. Kristen and Patrick start analyzing the evidence. The miners are pulling lots of gold rich ore out of the mine. At the end of the day they share evidence with the miners. Kristen tells them about the Chinese walls and shows some photos to them. They play an EVP for them. It’s Chinese for “Ya, ya, ya, I’m coming.” Kristen then tells them about how the Chinese were treated and massacred. The Geiser Grand is discussed next. Next they play the EVP regarding the Crescent Mine. “Did something bad happen there?” The response was, “Yes.” Then the EVP from the basement is played and you hear the glass falling or being throw. The Chinese cemetery is the next topic. The burn house by the mine suggests there is a cemetery near the mine. The next day the raise up continues. Duck and Greybeard confirm they are on a good vein. Everything comes to a halt when the security guard calls over the radio that he’s found the trespasser. Stan calls Cary, and the trespasser is headed towards camp. They don’t see anyone. When they check the grounds they don’t find a trespasser. That night Patrick and Kristen investigate the area that Cary thought the trespasser was in. They do an EVP session. Kristen gets a photo of something in the bushes.

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