Numb3rs S01, Ep02 – Uncertainty Principle

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Title: Uncertainty Principle
Original Air Date: January 28, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Larry: Don’t mistake the ability to predict with the ability to control.

* Don: I’m thinking Special Forces.

* Don: If I have to do this on my own it’s going to put me and all of my people at greater risk.

* Alan: Your brother goes into a dangerous confrontation with heavily armed felons and you prepare him with a lecture on the movement of subatomic particles.

* Charlie: I’ve got plenty of problems to work on. Ones I think I can actually solve.

Synopsis: Charlie has developed an equation to predict bank robberies. The two banks his math predicted are staked out. David’s got the targets at his location. They all watch as they rob the bank. However, the robbers were not alone. Several people outside break out guns and it turns into a shootout. Larry and Charlie see the shootout on TV. There are casualties from the shootout on both sides. One of the robbers steals Don’s gun. Charlie comes to the scene is horrified at the carnage. Don tells Charlie they couldn’t predict what would happen because no one had tried to stop them before. There were actually 6 of them. Even though the team is shaken up they want to stick with Charlie’s equation. But Charlie is freaked out. Don keeps working and sends Charlie home to calm down. The evidence that Don picked up was a micro mask. At the house Charlie turns the garage into a work space. Larry comes over out of concern for Charlie. Don comes over. He tells his dad what happened. Alan tells him he’s working on P vs P again. Don tries to get him to help again, but Charlie continues to help. Don ID’s one of the victim’s. However, when they visit his neighbor they are told his brother came and took over the apartment. The only problem is he is an only child. They find the real guy in the basement dead. The coroner thinks the killer has military experience. They get informed of another robbery and take off. Don goes to talk to Charlie. Later Charlie talks with Alan. At the FBI Don gets some new intel from the military on who some of the suspects are. Back in the garage Charlie is back on the case with the help of Larry. Charlie heads to Don’s office. He tells them that while the banks were being robbed and causing a distraction someone was breaking into their computers. Their goal appears to be a Federal Reserve shipment, approximately $100 million in untraceable currency. Don and his team stake out the delivery. David and Terry take the money separately and get hijacked. They can’t communicate with Don and he can’t reach them. David and Terry were a decoy. The money in the bags are fake. One of the robbers pulls out a bazooka. One gets away but the bazooka guy gets killed. The rest are arrested. Don catches the one who nearly got away. Back at the house Don pops over and thanks Charlie. The three have dinner together.

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