Bones S01, Ep13 – The Woman in the Garden

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Title: The Woman in the Garden
Original Air Date: February 12, 2006

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Favorite Quotes:

* Booth: Great now he’s ignoring us in two languages.

* Bones: They come from a place where getting involved gets you killed.

* Booth: What is it with you guys and guns?

* Booth: Let’s think of it like puzzle, there’s a missing piece.

* Bones: How do you handle someone who isn’t afraid of you?

* Bones: I promised myself if I ever had the chance I’d get even. That doesn’t mean I need therapy.

* Booth: Am I in trouble?
Angela: You’re late for a funeral. Of course you’re in trouble.

Synopsis: Bones and Booth head to a crime scene. A gang member was pulled over transporting a dead body in the trunk. While investigating a drive by shooting takes place. Booth chases down the escapee, but he gets away. Back at the lab Zack believes she was buried for about six months. Booth interviews the gang leader. He asks Booth if anyone got hit during the drive by. No one did, it was just a cover so the gang member could get away. At the lab Bones informs Booth that the victim was pregnant. A plant is identified and Booth takes Hodgins with him to find it. They find a community garden with the plant and two graves instead of one. Back at the lab they examine the skull. Hodgins gives them some plant data and it narrows it down to only a few places. Booth brings Hodgins to identify it. They head to a Senator’s house (he has the plants) to interview them. During a walk of the property Hodgins finds all the plants listed. Bones discovers the second body. Dr. Goodman has concluded the analysis of the rosary. It’s from Milagro de la Paz. Zack discovers cause of death, a bullet. They go to Jose’s house but find it empty. Bones discovers they are hiding. Bones tries to calm her and Booth threatens the mother. Bones refuses to help him. At the lab they find that the old man whose body they found was not murdered but died of cancer. Outside the FBI building Jose gets dumped with a note. At the hospital he’s pretty banged up. Bones looks at the X Rays and tells Booth that the dead people are Jose’s sister and father. At the FBI they talk to the leader of the DC chapter of the gang. He won’t tell them who killed Jose’s sister, instead he’ll find out and bring him to Booth. At the elevator Bones and the gang leader have a meet and greet. He grabs her and she takes him down in self-defense. Back at the lab Angela is freaked out about her altercation with the gang banger. Bones tells Angela about an experience she had a few years back regarding the murder of a little girl. She was taken by force and held captive for doing the right thing. Her captor constantly threatens her. Hodgins comes in with news, he identified the wood. Back at the Senator’s house they learn that the dead girl was involved romantically with their son, Logan. Bones thinks the murder weapon was Logan’s bed. One of the posts has dried blood on it. They interview Logan and he’s shocked that Maria was pregnant and very upset to learn that. Angela recreates the murder itself. Bones determines she was pulled off a ladder and fell backwards onto the bed post, killing her. They go back to Jose. He joined the gang so he could get fake papers for his family to stay. They head back to the Senator’s house and inform him that Maria was pregnant by Logan. Bones recreates it and they figure out it was Hector was responsible for Maria’s death. Booth arrests Hector for manslaughter. At FBI the gang task force informs Booth that the man Bones took down put a hit out on her. At the cemetery Maria and her father get a proper burial. Bones paid for it all. Booth goes to visit the gang member regarding the hit on Bones. Booth arrives late. He apologizes, but it doesn’t fly.

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