Hot in Cleveland S06, Ep16 – Bad Girlfriends

Season: 6
Episode: 16
Title: Bad Girlfriends
Original Air Date: April 8, 2015

Guest Stars:
William Baldwin: Dane
Matt Walsh: Arnie
Ray Abruzzo: Phil
Dave Foley: Bob
Alex Ellis: Laura

Synopsis: Elka is watching Browns and Bengal’s game. She makes a bet with Cincinnati’s mayor, whoever’s team loses they have to dress up at the winning teams mascot for a week. The Browns lose and Elka looks adorable as a tiger. She’s supposed to go on a tv show but hides and uses the costume as an excuse. Victoria is upset because the guy that was in her play had to quit for health reasons. Melanie suggests that Dane could fill in. He’s very successful, but Melanie becomes very jealous. Joy and Bob watch Love, Actually. He lies and pretends to like it. Joy finds out the truth when she has a voice mail from Bob. It wasn’t left intentionally. He butt dialed her at his therapy session. So she tortures him with Pilates. They fight and the truth comes out. Opening night of Victoria’s play goes strangely. Melanie sprayed perfume on Victoria’s costume so it would be like Dane kissing his mom and she sprayed Old Spice on Dane’s costume so that Victoria would be kissing her dad. After the play Joy leaves to go apologize to Bob. But he’s waiting on the porch with music and cue cards. They make up.

Click on either link to grab the sixth season of the show, it’s a great way to support the ladies and have some serious laughs.

Amazon Hot in Cleveland: Season 6 (digital episodes not dvd, yet)

iTunes Hot in Cleveland, Season 6 – Hot in Cleveland

Favorite Quotes:

* Elka: I’ve never been a loser before. How do you guys do it?

* Joy: Doesn’t Bob remind you a little bit of Colin Firth?
Melanie: Yeah, you really are in love.

* Elka: You’re right. I’m gonna go out there and take my medicine.
Joy: You’re going to the bar, aren’t you?
Elka: That’s where they keep my medicine.

* Melanie: Where’s Bob?
Joy: I don’t think he’s coming. I found the love of my life and I pushed him away with my stupid scheme just like you’re about to push Dane away with your moronic idea.


(Male TV announcer) The Cincinnati Bengal’s are at their own one-yard line, and barring a miracle, this game belongs to the Cleveland Browns.
Melanie: Well, that must make you happy, huh, Elka?
Joy: She’s on the phone with the mayor of Cincinnati. She bet him that if Cleveland wins, he has to wear the Browns mascot costume for a week and dress like a dog.
Elka: I hope that costume won’t be too ruff on you.
(TV announcer) And it’s Dalton to Jones, and he’s down. No, a lateral to Bernard, and he’s up! They’re not gonna catch him!
Elka: What? No!
(TV announcer) Touchdown! It’s a miracle! The Bengals win! The Bengals win!
Bob: That was amazing. I mean, boo.
Melanie: I guess you lost the bet, huh?
Elka: I’ve never been a loser before. How do you guys do it?
[Door bell rings]
Melanie: Hi, baby.
Dane: Hey, babe. Oh, weird. It’s like kissing my mom.
Melanie: You kiss your mom that way?
Dane: No, it’s just that you’re wearing the same perfume my mom wears.
Melanie: Oh, yeah, I was at the mall today, and some girl asked me if I like Shalimar, and while I was trying to remember if it was a disco band or a perfume, she got me. I’ll go wash it off.
Joy: Don’t use the kitchen sink. It’s leaking. We need to call a plumber.
Dane: You don’t need a plumber. You got the guy right here.
Bob: Two guys.
Dane: I didn’t realize you were the handy type.
Bob: Are you kidding? Yeah, when I was a kid, I used to help my dad fix stuff all the time. So you want me to grab you a beer or just go play in the back yard?
Joy: Isn’t Bob adorable? Oh, I’m so in love with him. I think I’m ready to give him the Love, Actually test.
Melanie: Joy, you know the reason every guy fails that test? It’s because guys don’t like Love, actually.
Joy: Bob is not like other guys. I believe he is the one guy who will love that movie as much as I do. Doesn’t Bob remind you a little bit of Colin Firth?
Melanie: Yeah, you really are in love.
Victoria: What a disaster. A week before my play opens, and my costar totally screws me and leaves the show.
Joy: What happened?
Victoria: Oh, his appendix burst. Where are we gonna find a masculine Stanley Kowalski type in his 40s in such little time?
Dane: Just letting you know I turned the water off.
Bob: And I helped out with the whole righty-tighty, lefty-loosy business.
Victoria: Excuse me, have you ever acted?
Bob: I was the star in a nativity play once, literally the star. Ah, but you weren’t talking to me.
Dane: Me? Oh, I haven’t acted before.
Melanie: Oh, but honey, you could. You should be in Victoria’s play. I mean, you’re between jobs right now, and this might be just the thing to get you going. And you look like an actor. I mean, that’s half of it.
Victoria: 80% really.
Dane: I’m afraid I would embarrass myself.
Melanie: Come on. On my radio show, I am always telling people, fears about embarrassment almost never come true.
Elka: Not in this case.
Victoria: I know I’m 18 days into a juice fast, but is anyone else seeing Elka in a tiger suit?
Melanie: She has to dress like the mascot of the Cincinnati Bengal’s for a whole week because she lost a bet.
Elka: And I’m scheduled to be on The Grill this week.
Bob: The Grill with Arnie McManus? I love that show. He’s always taking politicians down.
Elka: I’m a politician, you idiot.
Bob: Well, normally I’d be upset when someone calls me an idiot, but in that tiger suit, well, she’s just so adorable.
Elka: Oh, it’s gonna be a long week.

Melanie: I just came to watch.
Victoria: I ordered room service. Are you hungry?
Dane: Hungry for you. Kiss me, Marnie.
Melanie: What the– stop it.
Victoria: Your girlfriend doesn’t kiss you like that, does she?
Dane: I wouldn’t be here if she did.
Redhead: Their chemistry is amazing. Everyone thinks they must be doing it.
Melanie: Well, they’re not because that’s my boyfriend and my best friend.
Redhead: Oh, just like in the play.
Melanie: Yeah, yeah. Just like in the play.
Director: That was great. Now let’s go again, but remember to show that insatiable hunger you have for each other. I want to see more heat.
Melanie: More? Sorry. Hi, honey.

Dane: Oh, my God, Melanie, acting is such a rush.
Melanie: Yeah, yeah, but all that kissing with Victoria, it almost seemed real.
Dane: It was real.
Melanie: I’m sorry, what?
Dane: For my character. My character really was kissing Victoria.
Melanie: But aren’t you your character?
Dane: Let me explain to you how acting works, Melanie. My character says he’s a painter. Does that make Dane a painter, too? No. Until he walks out there on that stage, and then yes, he’s a painter.
Melanie: Got it, but about all that kissing.
Dane: Does Dane get sexually excited when he kisses Victoria? No. But when my character kisses Victoria Oh, yeah.
Melanie: Well, that really clears things up.
Dane: There she is. Look at her, beauty, brains, funny. You never get all three in the same package.
Melanie: No, you do not.
Dane: Hello, Victoria. Can I get you a drink?
Victoria: I’ll have a glass of Merlot. Okay. Wow. Melanie, your boyfriend is a natural. I was freaked out about opening night, but now I can’t wait. The critics are gonna love us.
Melanie: But you know, it’s a little unsettling watching someone you’re crazy about kissing someone else.
Victoria: Mel, it’s just acting.
Melanie: Yeah, but you really seemed into it.
Victoria: No, I’m not, but my character. [Purrs] Let me explain how acting works.
Melanie: I know how acting works!

[Melodramatic piano plays on TV]
Joy: So that was Love, Actually. What did you think?
Bob: I loved it. Sweet and funny. Just like you.
Joy: Aw. Melanie said no guy would like it, but I knew you would.
Bob: Oh, of course. I mean, what a cast, Hugh Grant, Liam neeson, Snape from Harry Potter.
Joy: Shall we continue this Love, Actually discussion upstairs?
Bob: Yes, actually.
Joy: Let’s get some wine.
Bob: All right.
Joy: Elka, what are you doing here? Isn’t this your bowling night?
Elka: I’m not leaving this house until this bet is over. Now, get off my tail.
Joy: Okay, I’m sorry.
Elka: No, you’re standing on my tail.
Bob: Well, you’re gonna have to leave the house to appear on The Grill.
Elk: No, I don’t. I postponed.
Joy: Because of the suit?
Elka: Plus I’ve got a few things I don’t want to be asked about.
Joy: Like how you’re still living here and renting out the mayor’s mansion on airbnb?
Elka: I’ve got a wedding coming in next week.
Bob: Arnie’s gonna kill you on The Grill.
Elka: He already has. They’ve been running his promo all day.
[Promo] Mayor Elka Ostrovsky, why are you avoiding me? Are you too busy making silly bets to hop on The Grill and answer the tough questions? Or to put it another way, is the tiger chicken?
Joy: I agree you shouldn’t go on the show, but isn’t hiding out here worse than taking a little public teasing?
Elka: You’re right. I’m gonna go out there and take my medicine.
Joy: You’re going to the bar, aren’t you?
Elka: That’s where they keep my medicine.

Melanie: I think Dane’s falling in love with Victoria.
Joy: Oh, I’m sure he’s not. It’s just the play.
Melanie: The play is the problem.
Joy: Melanie, if you want my advice, this is a trust issue. That’s where I’m lucky with Bob. The only thing I ever wanted from him was complete honesty, and he’s given me that.
Melanie: How does that address my problem?
Joy: I guess it doesn’t. I’m gonna call Bob and tell him how much I love him. And look, there’s a message from him. See how in sync we are? Amazing.
(Bob voicemail) Actually, Dr. Cutler, it’s been a pretty good week for me.
Joy: He must have butt-dialed me from his therapist’s office. This is the holy grail of snooping on your boyfriend.
(Bob voicemail) Things are going great with Joy, except she made me sit through this misshapen freak of a movie called Love, Actually.
Joy: He said he loved it.
(Bob voicemail) If I wanted to be tortured for two hours, I’d take a pilates class. Anyway, about my hopes and dre–
Joy: Who cares? Can you believe Bob lied to me? He’s a liar like every other man I’ve dated.
Melanie: What are you gonna do?
Joy: I’m gonna torture him with pilates until he confesses he’s a liar. Bob’s still trainable. I’m gonna break him like a puppy.
Melanie: Dane is like a puppy with this acting thing. He just wants to put his mouth on everything, especially Victoria.
Joy: If only there was some puppy repellant we could spray on her.
Melanie: There is, Dane’s mother’s perfume, Shalimar. He’ll still have to kiss her, but he’ll hate every second of it. All I have to do is spray it on Victoria’s costume.
Joy: That’s a brilliant idea. You know, most girlfriends wouldn’t care enough to go as far as we do.
Melanie: They’re lucky to have us.
[Helicopter blades whirring]
Melanie: Oh, my goodness. Why is there a helicopter landing on our front lawn?
Elka: Thanks, LeBron. This suit is magic.
Melanie: LeBron James just dropped you off in his helicopter.
Elka: Well, first we stopped in Atlantic city. I won big.
Joy: What?
Elka: I was counting cards out loud. They didn’t care.
Joy: So I guess you’re not hiding anymore?
Elka: I’m bulletproof, which is why I’m going on The Grill.
Joy: Elka, Arnie McManus will eat you alive.
Elka: I got this. I also got this.
Melanie: Is that LeBron James’ championship ring?
Elka: Not anymore.

Joy: I’m so glad you like pilates.
Bob: Are you kidding? I love it. It’s fantastic, the way it’s stretching my groin. I can’t believe there was a time I didn’t do it. Oh, just thinking about that time now.
Joy: So you’re really enjoying it?
Bob: Yeah, it’s so much fun.
Joy: Liar.
Bob: What?
Joy: You lied to me about pilates, the same way you lied to me about Love, Actually.
Bob: How do you know that? I mean, why would you say that?
Joy: Because you butt-dialed me from your therapy session.
Bob: And you listened?
Joy: Don’t change the subject. You violated my trust.
Bob: Well, what about my trust, huh? Listening in on a therapy session is way worse than pretending to like some stupid movie.
Joy: Stupid movie?
Bob: Yes, stupid movie. Some creepy stalker holding up a bunch of dumb cue cards for the woman he loves? What’s romantic about that?
Joy: How about everything? That’s only my favorite scene. The point is, you lied, and if you lied about this, what else have you lied about?
Bob: No, the point is you eavesdropped, and I’m furious. I’m gonna need you to storm out right now.
Joy: Me? Why should I storm out? Why don’t you storm out?
Bob: Because I also lied about how good it felt to stretch my groin.

Melanie: Well, I did it. Not only did I spray Victoria’s costume with Shalimar, but I doused Dane’s in Old Spice, which is the cologne that Victoria’s dad wears. It’s gonna be like they’re kissing their parents.
Melanie: Where’s Bob?
Joy: I don’t think he’s coming. I found the love of my life and I pushed him away with my stupid scheme just like you’re about to push Dane away with your moronic idea.
Melanie: What?

Victoria: I ordered room service. Are you hungry?
Dane: Hungry for you. Kiss me, mommy. I mean Marnie, not mommy.
Melanie: Uh-oh.
Joy: I can smell them from here.
Victoria: Don’t stop.
Dane: I’ll never stop.

Phil: Tonight, I ask Mayor Ostrovsky the tough questions. Why is she funneling city money to the zoo? Why does she conduct city council meetings in a bar? And why is her chief of staff a pomeranian named George Clooney? We’ll find out when I put the mayor on The Grill.
[Newsroom music]
Arnold: Your honor, you know how it works on The Grill. First question, how do you respond to the rumors that you have to be a single handsome man to work in your office?
Elka: So? Your assistant is barely legal and has big boobs.
Arnold: That’s my daughter.
Elka: Lovely girl.
Arnold: Next question.
Elka: Is it about how cute I look in a tiger suit?
Arnold: No, it is not. I despise cute things.
Elka: Ruh-roh.
Arnold: Life isn’t cute, your honor, and I don’t like my emotions manipulated. This show is not about appearances. It is about the dark, ugly reality underneath.
Elka: Who hurt you?
Arnold: What? What? Nobody hurt me. What are you talking about?
Elka: Was it your mom or your dad? Which one named you Arnold?
Arnold: You don’t grill me. I grill you.
Elka: It was your dad, right?
Arnold: Wrong. I didn’t have a dad. I mean, there were a series of men that I had to call “dad,” but back to you, your honor.
Elka: Wow, that must have been hard.
Arnold: It wasn’t easy. I mean, one guy was only six years older than me. My mom lost her job as a teacher because of him. Why’d my best friend pay for my daughter’s boob job?
Elka: Those are all good questions, Arnie, but it looks like we’re running out of time.
Arnold: Oh, yeah, we are. I’ll see you tomorrow on The Grill.
[Newsroom music]
Elka: Tiger hug?
Arnold: Yes. So soft. So soft.

Dane: Why were you wearing my mother’s perfume? You ruined my kiss acting.
Victoria: Well, you wore Old Spice. It was like doing a love scene with my father.
Dane: I never put on Old Spice.
Victoria: Well, I never wore Shalimar–
Dane: Sabotage.
Victoria: Lucci.
Melanie: No, it was me.
Victoria: [Gasping] Melanie.
Melanie: I’m so sorry, but the rest of your performance was grrrreat!
Dane: Aw, she’s doing what a tiger does.
Melanie: See, I have the suit on, so you can’t be mad at me, right?
Victoria: Oh, yes, we can. That whole play was based on sexual chemistry, and you ruined it.
[Phones beep]
Victoria: Oh, no. The reviews are in. Hang on. The plain dealer says, “open a window ’cause these two are hot.”
Dane: Wait, wait, wait, wait, “Victoria Chase and Dane Stevens are a revelation. Their decision not to kiss was genius.” We did it!
Victoria: Of course we did. We’re geniuses.
Dane: You’re the genius, Victoria. I’ve never met a more amazing person in my life.
Victoria: Aw.
Melanie: So glad I put the suit on.
Victoria: Joy, we’re a hit.
Joy: Congratulations.
Melanie: Joy, where are you going?
Joy: Over to Bob’s house to beg forgiveness. I treated him like my other boyfriends, and he’s not. He was only lying about a movie, wasn’t cheating on me or secretly living in my car for a month like other guys have. Wish me luck. Bob.
[Romantic piano ballad playing]
Joy: Oh, Bob.

Dane: And it turns out there was a Broadway producer in the audience who saw me, and he offered me a play.
Melanie: Wow, that’s great. So you’re going to New York.
Dane: Yeah, and I’ve got to get in really good shape because I’m doing a nude scene with what’s her name, Angela–
Melanie: Lansbury?
Dane: No, that wasn’t it, but I’ve got to be to New York by tomorrow morning, so I’d better go pack.
Melanie: Well, if you’re gonna be nude, you don’t have to pack much.
Dane: Once again, Melanie, you’re forgetting how acting works.
Melanie: Well, good luck. I’m really happy for you.
Dane: I’ll text you when I get there.
Melanie: That sounds perfect.
Elka: Hey. How much longer are you gonna need that suit?
Melanie: Why?
Elka: Somebody egged the mayor of Cincinnati. I need it for the lineup.

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