Ghost Mine S01, Ep04 – Phantom Wind

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: Phantom Wind
Original Air Date: February 6, 2013

Patrick Doyle: Paranormal Investigator
Kristen Luman: Paranormal Investigator
Jamol Eli: Himself – Greenhorn
Jay Verburg: Himself – Greenhorn
Larry Overman: Himself – Mine Owner
Stacie Sisk-Overman: Herself – Mine Owner
Jared Anderson: Himself – Heavy Machinery Operator (Buckett)
Edward Griffith: Himself – Job Supervisor (Fast Eddie)
Stan Griffith: Himself – Mine Foreman (Papa Smurf)
Keith Leingang: Himself – Drill Operator (Dingus)
Alexys Overman: Herself – Mine Owners Daughter
Dick Secord Jr.: Himself – Sample Specialist (Greybeard)
Richard Secord Sr.: Himself – Explosives Expert (Duck)

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Amazon Ghost Mine Season One

iTunes Ghost Mine, Season 1 – Ghost Mine

Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: Fire in the hole!

* Kristen: Are you protecting this mine?

* Kristen: Are the miners disturbing you?

* Kristen: We have the possibility of whatever was in the mine has come out of the mine.

* Jamal: You know what Dick, I’m almost a miner.
Greybeard: Almost.

* Greybeard: I’ve never been chased out of a tunnel.

* Kristen: Whatever it is that we’ve been experiencing seems to be getting a little bit more aggressive.

Synopsis: The short 90-day work season is now past the halfway point, so the team works 16 hour shifts to try and find the gold. Sampling continues in the western tunnel. Jay gets a lesson on the jackleg. Patrick heads into town to do some research about the paranormal activity. The narrator discusses a fire on August 13, 1917 that destroyed the entire town. Patrick starts at the cemetery for names and dates. He goes through the cemetery with different equipment scanning for activity. He finds one tomb that is different than the rest, that of Joseph Young. It also has a mason symbol on it. Back on the mountain the miners keep working. Later that evening they relax with some poker, but Kristen chooses to go over evidence instead of joining in. The game gets interrupted by a blast of some kind. Kristen sends out a call for help. Kristen and Patrick start investigating immediately. After they investigate around the PI shack they head to the cook shack to check that location as well. While in the cook shack the blast/shaking happens again. The next day Larry pays Kristen and Patrick a visit. He’s not happy. Later that day Patrick heads back into town to research Joseph Yong and mining tragedies. Patrick finds that Joseph was a founding father and protector of Sumpter when he was alive. That night Kristen joins the guys around the fire and brings all the fixings for s’mores. She asks how they are feeling in the mine. Jamol admits he feels like he’s being watched. Another admits he also feels that way, but only when he’s alone in the mine. The next day Jamol and Greybeard head into the eastern tunnel. Jamol gets some more mining education, the subject, barring down. While the two are working they get hit with a wind blast but they are in a dead end tunnel. They quickly exit the tunnel. Kristen and Patrick meet them. The two tell them what happened. Kristen and Patrick prepare to go in and investigate. They get to the spot where the incident happened. Several of their meters are giving readings that you would not expect in a mine. They head farther back and find the remains of an old cave in. Patrick feels a slight breeze and oxygen levels are quite high. They do an EVP at the spot. A moan is heard. A crack is found in a rock face. Patrick can feel the draft. Kristen points out that if air is coming through there has to be another shaft. When Patrick taps on it, it sounds hollow. Patrick notices this rock face looks perfectly circular. The next day Kristen and Patrick call a meeting with the miners to update them. They discuss what happened on poker night. Greybeard is concerned if whatever this thing is could hurt them. Then they show them the circular section that looks like a gate and explain that this is the point of entry for the breeze that Greybeard and Jamol felt. One EVP has a voice telling them that it’s dangerous. They decide to table this strange rock until everyone can check it out together. Days later back in the mine they find another vein of gold.

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