Mama’s Family S01, Ep12 – Positive Thinking

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Title: Positive Thinking
Original Air Date: April 30, 1983

Guest Stars:
Carol Burnett: Eunice Higgins
Harvey Korman: Ed Higgins

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Favorite Quotes:

* Thelma: Are you two done sucking face?

* Eunice: Oh where, oh where have I gone wrong?
Naomi: Should I start with that hair do and work my way down?

* Thelma: Can we please get going? My dogs are barking.

* Thelma: Well are you going to drive me to the foot doctor now or do I gotta buy a tape to tell me my feet don’t hurt.

* Thelma: It’s lucky for you my foot hurts or I’d plant in on your backside.

* Thelma: Those two change clothes more than a couple of bunny rabbits.

* Thelma: Well hell yes Eunice, it’s easy to get along with a wet noodle.

* Eunice: Don’t you “Sweetie-face” me you twerp.

* Eunice: Now you just give me back all of my lines and keep this scene stealing hog out of my line of fire.

Synopsis: Thelma informs Vint that if Eunice doesn’t arrive soon she’ll need him to take her to the foot doctor. Eunice has arrived. She’s in a snit of a mood due to traffic. She and Naomi get into a fight. Vint gets Naomi out of the house to end it. Thelma finds out that Eunice is upset because she did not get a part in the play she tried out for. Thelma and Eunice start to fight but Buzz walks in and announces he made the debate team. They finally leave for the foot doctor. At Eunice’s house Ed is upset because there’s no dinner ready. Eunice, however, has different plans. She bought the positive thinking tape that Buzz had. She starts listening and buying it. The next day Eunice pops in at Thelma’s in a very good mood. She has brought gifts for everyone. Eunice tells Mama that she finally got a part in a play at the local playhouse. They discuss the role, but Thelma is skeptical but congratulates her with a backhanded insult. Thelma confirms plans for next week and winds up inviting herself to one of Eunice’s rehearsals. A week later at rehearsal Thelma wants to know when Eunice’s part will be up. It’s finally time for Eunice’s part. After she gives her speech her co-star requests a change. Suddenly, Eunice’s speech is now being delivered by her co-star. Eunice cracks and lose her temper. A big fight breaks out and she pulls the toupee off the director. Back at the house Thelma and Eunice arrive home. When Naomi asks how her play is going she informs her she is not in it anymore and gets a beer. Eunice and Eunice get into another fight that Vint has to break up. Buzz comes in and tells them he won his debate. Buzz asks her about the play. He mentions the positive thinking tape and plays it. Thelma walks in and is not impressed by it.

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