Bones S01, Ep10 – The Woman at the Airport

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Title: The Woman at the Airport
Original Air Date: January 25, 2006

Guest Stars:
Jonathan Adams: Dr. Daniel Goodman
Claire Coffee: Special Agent Tricia Finn
Harry Groener: Dr. Henry Atlas
Michael B. Silver: Dr. Anton Kostov
Marika Dominczyk: Leslie Snow
Natalija Nogulich: Ivana Bardu
Jann Carl: Show Host
Adam Grimes: Nick Hudson
McNally Sagal: Martina Sikes
Penny Marshall: Penny Marshall

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Favorite Quotes:

* Angela: Do the names Michael Jackson or Joan Rivers mean anything to you?
Zach: One of them. The other I’ll look up.

* Booth: You touch her, she’ll break your arm. She thinks what you do is–
Bones: Barbaric (evil stare).

* Angela: Are you trying to get fired?
Hodgins: Science is no place for story tellers, baby.

* Zack: This is the type of situation where people say, “Oh my God!”
Hodgins: Pretend you’re a person and say it.
Zack: Oh my God!

* Bones: It’s like she lived on the world, instead of in it.

Synopsis: Dr. Goodman, Zack and Bones stand over a set of iron age warrior remains that are believed 1500 years old. Booth is in Bones office. He shows her an aerial photo with red circles on the beach, they are each body parts that were found. However, Booth wants Bones to work the LA case with him. Booth rents a classic mustang, and Bones threatens blackmail to get to drive it. Back at the lab Dr. Goodman is going to handle the warrior authentication. Hodgins calls him out though saying he won’t risk saying he’s an iron age warrior for fear of being proven wrong. Bones and Booth arrive at the beach. Bones says that body was not cut up and did fall out of the plane. It was most likely attacked and disbursed by coyotes. At the morgue Bones notes the victim has had a lot of plastic surgery. Bones video conferences with her team. She finds a breast implant, they can use the serial number to identify the victim. Dr. Goodman clash over the warrior body. The implants turn up nothing, they were stolen. Zack brings Angela the Hollywood skull. Bones and Booth meet with the plastic surgeon who the breast implants were stolen from. Angela lets Bones know that reconstruction is nearly impossible. Brennan is upset that anyone would want to completely change themselves to something different. They head to speak with the Madam and she says Rachel is missing. She went to Las Vegas with Dr. Kostov. The madam confirms she’s had lots of surgery. Back at the lab they continue to work the warrior. Angela’s reconstruction shows he’s a Pict. No Pict has ever been found that far south before. Hodgins is suspicious. Back at the morgue Bones determines that more than one surgery has done work on the victim. Hodgins tell Bones that she had boat fiberglass on her, so she was on a boat shortly before being killed. Candis Hayden is possibly the victims name. Her boyfriend Nick is now a suspect. Bones goes on a tv show with Penny Marshall regarding her book being turned into a movie. Bones cuts it short for the case. They question Nick. He says her name was Sandra Cane. Back at the lab Dr. Goodman announces that he cannot authenticate the warrior. Hodgins and Goodman have a dust up. Back in LA they question the doctor. Back at the lab they continue to work on the a LA case. Zack discovers the tool on the jaw is the same as the one used to kill her. Bones is upset that they may be taken off the case. Zack calls Bones and tells her the murder weapon is the same as what was used on the jaw, just a different size. They go talk to the doctor who created the jaw procedure. Booth gives him a search warrant for the tools that he designed himself. He got the name Susan Shepherd. Back at the lab Dr. Goodman calls Dr. Hodgins into his office. They discuss the warrior. Dr. Goodman thinks he’s the real thing and refuses to take him apart to authenticate him. Hodgins gives him a way to save face and they come to an agreement. Bones examines the tools they took from the doctor. She identifies the murder weapon. Turns out Susan was a guinea pig for the procedure. He said he thought Susan was addicted to plastic surgery and that’s why he refused to do anymore. He describes a flashy escort who had diamonds everywhere. A fingernail was found on the victim that had a diamond in it. Booth arranges to meet her. He sees the nail with the missing diamond and takes it off. She’s arrested. Booth identifies the victim. Her name was Allison Holmes from Bangor, Maine.

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