Criminal Minds S01, Ep09 – Derailed

Show: Criminal Minds
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: Derailed
Original Air Date: November 23, 2005

Guest Stars:
Chris Bauer: Dr. Theodore “Ted” Bryar
Kirsten Vangsness: Penelope Garcia
Susan Gibney: Dr. Linda Deaton
M.C. Gainey: Moretti
Jeff Kober: Leo
Anil Raman: Josh Patel

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Favorite Quotes:

* Gideon: “Unfortunately, a super-abundance of dreams is paid for by a growing potential for nightmares.” – Sir Peter Ustinov

* Gideon: “Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together.” – Eugene Ionesco

Synopsis: JJ inquires with Hotch about Elle. He informs her she’s on a train in Texas. We are now on a train. A kid is drinking alcohol, he flashes back to a car wreck and his father disowning him. A woman holds her stomach and flashes back to finding out she’s pregnant. A business man blots his forehead as checks the gun in his briefcase. He flashbacks to his wife telling him she’s leaving him. Another woman flashes back to her office where another colleague is worried about the patient she is taking to Dallas. We then see Elle. She calls Gideon but their signal breaks up. Two men watch her from the other side of the train car. One man tells the other about the FBI folder Elle is reading. The train halts. The security guard tells Elle that there was a suicide on the tracks. Teddy takes the security guards gun and shoots him. He takes the train hostage. Back at the BAU they see footage of train car and it’s hostages. Gideon looks and sees Elle is one of the hostages. The team heads to Texas. Morgan calls Garcia regarding the video feed. He tells her Elle is one of the hostages. Elle and the doctor discuss her patient. The red headed woman pukes. The doctor figures out she is pregnant. Teddy is frustrated and wants to speak to a higher authority. They finally communicate. He tells Gideon he wants something removed. The second male is talking to Teddy, but they guy is actually a delusion only he can see. Elle asks the doctor what Teddy wants removed, so the doctor exposes his arm so they can see what he wants removed. Garcia calls with the information about all the passengers. Back on the train the young guy is not helping the situation. The team tries to figure out the chip issue. Hotch and Morgan don’t want Reid to go on the train and use a magic trick to remove a chip that’s not there. But Gideon realizes that Reid will have to. The doctor tries to talk to him and Teddy nearly shoots the doctor. Elle stops him by telling him if he hurts anymore people she’ll make sure the chip never gets removed. Hotch takes the sim card out of his phone for Reid to use. Reid makes his way to the train car. Hotch prepares the SWAT team. Reid does not get a warm reception, he’s forced to remove his bullet proof vest. Reid pulls it off and Teddy believes the chip has been removed. He adds to Reid his hostages. Teddy becomes overwhelmed by all the people talking and the phone ringing and shoots the doctor. Teddy shoots the phone. They’re going to go in. Reid jumps in about M Theory and string theory. Reid was able to get the upper hand. The business man with the gun in the briefcase shoots Teddy. All the wounded go to the hospital.

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