Bones S01, Ep08 – The Girl in the Fridge

Show: Bones
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Title: The Girl in the Fridge
Original Air Date: November 29, 2005

Guest Stars:
Jonathan Adams: Dr. Daniel Goodman
Josh Hopkins: Michael Stires
Matt Ross: Neil Meredith
Alicia Coppola: Joy Deaver
Leonard Roberts: A.U.S.A. Andrew Levitt
Rachel Miner: Mary Costello
Ross McCall: Scott Costello
Kate McNeil: Audrey Schilling
Lou Richards: Dr. Barragan
Keith Sellon-Wright: Brian Schilling

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Favorite Quotes:

* Angela: Sorry, I’m into live people.

* Bones: The “ex” in ex lover is not a variable.

* Bones: What? Is it so odd to see me with a man?

* Bones: I never got a B and I never will.

* Booth: You know, for a people person, you’re pretty rude.

* Bones: You’re the reason civilization is declining.

* Bones: Are they stupid?
Dr. Goodman: Compared to you, yes.

* Bones: You said “We tell the truth. We do not flinch.” You flinched Michael.

Synopsis: Hodgins gives a box to Bones and it’s from her ex-professor, who is there. They had been together. Booth interrupts the reunion with a body in a fridge. She sniffs it and determines the body is mostly decomposed and instructs Booth to open it. Estimated time in the fridge is a year. Angela drew a sketch, but her dental records identified her. At Booth’s office he and Bones go over her missing persons file and the results that she has currently. Bones and Michael miss their reservation. They discuss her findings. Bones can’t get the victim’s face out of her mind. The next day Bones is late. The victim had hyperthyroidism. Michael goes back and forth with her that the injuries could be from her disease. Hodgins says she had high levels of pain meds. Booth and Bones visit the victim’s parents. Her mom is shocked that Bones knew about her dancing and swimming. Her doctor said he wanted to try surgery because she was not responding to any of the medications. The ex-office manager is very friendly during the interview. Booth notices a very new refrigerator. The fridge the body was found in matches the marks on the kitchen floor. At the FBI they interrogate the woman. Back at the lab Bones lays out the case for Michael. He’s still not convinced. The Angela-tron is used. Angela creates a time simulation for the approximate 3 weeks of captivity. Bones wins. Angela and Bones chat in the lounge. Booth informs Bones that Michael has been brought in for the defense. At dinner Bones is angry. He tries to play it off. Back at the lab, Michael, is going over all the evidence while Zack video tapes his every move. It turns into a pissing match with Michael and Bones. Bones and a jury consultant butt heads. Booth tries to calm Bones. The court case begins. Booth is on the stand first. He discusses how he saw the marks from the fridge. Hodgins is up next, then Angela. Bones is on the stand and super technical. During a recess Bones and the jury consultant fight again. She then nearly runs into Michael. Back in the courtroom Michael is on the stand. He slyly slams Bones. He then completely defames her. Everyone is pissed. Bones wants to get back on the stand and fix it. Dr. Goodman speaks with Bones in her office. He informs her that he picked her over Michael for the job. Back at the courthouse, she tells Michael to go to hell. Bones gets back on the stand. The prosecutor sees the jury zone out and goes in a different route. He brings up her parents going missing. She tells how she can look at the bones and see their faces, the hobbies she had, etc. She lays it out in regular terms as her level of upset increases. As they leave court Booth tells Bones they are trying to cop a plea. Angela comes to Bones office and informs her guilty on all counts. But Bones and Michael are over. Booth then pops in and tells her they have a case. A dead body on a scaffolding, quite high up. He apologizes and she accepts in her own way.

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